Some recent stuff that happened in Pox

Back on my winning ways(with FF FW - no more splits for awhile), and passed the "mucker" test.

The mucker test is where a highly ranked player sends a mucker at you to see if you can handle it.

I like to play, but only when we CONGA! Right before he surrendered... if only I'd played a Sizzlechest!

To be the best, you gotta watch the best... number one vs. number 3 I think it was.... a lot of people were watching this one, and it was quite epic... BTW, number one player is playing one of the least popular factions, and running Kanen who are by no means OP. His opponent is playing standard FW META. Watched this battle for awhile, they both really knew what they were doing.

I love it - got the EA down to 0 dmg, and I'm not even running a curse/hex bg, was just a lucky accident.... and yes I pulled off the win, despite massive spell spam killing many ZOMGBIES.

Moragen + Grim Well... makes living opponents go hmmmmmmmmmmmm..... spell spam did eventually get them, but it took awhile.

Played 2 games against PoxAvenger... first one was meh... I surrendered after him getting the middle font from Banish.... but the 2nd one was epic and went for quite awhile and we got a good chat in.... banish ended up being the difference in this one also though, when my built up AoC got banished cause I lost the dead zone protecting it. From the screen shot - you can see both Avas transfigured and doing battle.

I hate banish... unless I'm running it of course. ;-)

No one can beat the randomness of Circus... when I got tired of testing stuff, AoC owned.

Mirroring your champ seems like a good idea... except the computer ignores them and goes straight to hit the real one.

This is me losing to cute baby furbulls. :-( awwww, but they're so cute!

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