ZOMGBIES decide to go manic - 2 rush wins in a row FF FW vs. FF IS

So I guess IS is back, played them a few times lately.....   last 2 games, one last night, one just now, and a recent one I lost to was an IS/xx split:

Sundered Lands
Jul 1, 2011 1:47:12 AM

Ruins Of Valdac
Jun 29, 2011 11:18:09 PM

Game last night was pretty tough - he rushed out with his 8 speed champ and had middle font quick... luckily my lethargic 5 speed champ could just reach it... then i had to just overwhelm him with ZOMGBIES.....

Tonight's game.... his 1st 2 deploys were IS angels, so I just get scrying every turn to get decay.... would have been over sooner, but his 1st Angel intensified before I got it.... Once I did though, it was gg - his Angels heal 8 a turn, and I got it before the 2nd one intesified.... so I killed all his champs in the 2 rounds after decay was cast...

Oh, and the one picture from when I had ST listed as my faction... from my epic win AGAINST ZOMGBIES.  ;-)   that didn't last long... more FW points already.

It really looks like knowing your bg/champs is as important as anything else... I do much better with my FW bgs then I do with all these weird splits I come up with.  ;-)

ya 8 speed v lumbering/lethargic....  oh and I had 0 champs round 1, DG don't count!

Pile on the auras... the clumped auras helped with the killing, but it meant he did a lot of dmg with AOEs

That green stuff actually adds 1 AP to movement...

Actually drove fwd and took his font without losing the middle

And they lived happily ever after.....

Look at me, I'm an ST player!

Come here my little Angel

He clumped his champs to take maximum dmg from auras....

Moragen lost her bg  - thats never good

Time to decay biznitches!

I even warned him that everything was about to die....   but then in stead of surrendering right away, I think he went to get a sandwich or something, as he did nothing for 2 turns... and this is after all his champs died and he said gg

Then he came back from his snack and we chatted a bit, then he finally surrendered with the hoard coming down on him...

Another win vs. an exotic ranked player....