Xia: Legends of a Drift System - by Far Off Games in hand review

Tried out a test game of Xia: Legends of a Drift System by Far Off Games.  

Fun game - lots to do, and seems to be many paths to victory.

Punching out all the pieces takes awhile, but gives you time for one to read the rules.  Complicated game, that you can't just sit down and start playing.   Mini ships look great and were fun for the game.  I'm not sure if we played all the rules 100% right, but it was fun, and seems like it would be more fun once we've played a few times.  Not sure why it says 3 or more players - as we played it fine with 2 players.   We often play my spaceship battles game(which is all fighting) but this is a nice change of pace, some fighting, but lots of other stuff to do.

I really like the minis - it would be great if you could buy an extra set of those seperately.

Depending on the map being an outlaw can be great or a huge handicap - my friend got outlawed before we knew what it really did, and on the map we played totally knocked him out of a lot of stuff(and ended up being the difference in the game)

The only flaw is since this is the creators 1st game, and a "labour of love" - there may be too much stuff in it.   When I've made games over the years, I've had the issue of as you play a game, things that are cool keep creeping in, but at some point the game gets too complicated.

For a rating I would compare it more to complicated games that take a lot of setup(This isn't a quick monopoly type game, i.e. sit and play.) - like the WOW board games but much better.   ;-)   4.5/5

I would recommend buying if you like spaceship or trading games or if you like prepainted minis for the spaceships.  

quick points - fun to play, great minis, nice looking board pieces, great developer support, maybe a bit too many rules, looking forward to playing again

Xia: Legends of a Drift System - by Far Off Games in hand review - the board all setup

pieces fit well together and will make for interesting boards - although you can run out of space depending on the direction you go.

Great minis for an independent game - even painted