poxnora again, played around a little with new IS, had some fun against a leet UD/SP deck

And now, thanks to the magic of clayform = 4 sheoul demons

guard tower seems to work pretty good against SE


Is it monster drop day on the single player maps? New FW champs versus hoppin mad.

Just playing thru hopping mad to try out the new FW champs,didn't get a Serkan though :-(

The other ones seems pretty good - I feel like UD, doing all that damage.

But finish the last map - and 2 exo frags drop!

Eternal Lich - pretty fun - good range - didn't have one die yet to see it respan
Ethereal Soldier - awesome new beater - we don't have to sit back building up a CoS, just run this guy out and start hittin and hexin
Utterdark Spectre - like the 1-2 range - everyone had a destealth button once he was out there that didn't seem to do anything. He did quite a bit of damage when all the frogs were stealthed
Ghost Pendant - like it - when my Spectral Emissary dropped it, it immediately cursed the elite frogs all around him


The most cp I ever earned for a normal battle in poxnora

battle went on for over 1:30 and he almost won it - was marching into my base, but he didn't kill the toll taker and it allowed me to creep back, and everntually get my guys over to his base and start beating on it before he finally surendered. 33 CP for my LK! And another 120 for my avatar