Old school gameday - Risk!

Old school gameday - Risk! - Due to having to move the venue of the gameday at the last minute, we ended up on a smaller table that didn't fit the board for Spaceship battles, so we decided to go old school and pulled out the Risk board.  I haven't seen my dad so excited in a long time....finally a game where he doesn't have to struggle with the rules(he still managed to lose though.  ;-)

Dad is rearing to go!

Dad is rearing to go!

Awe the South America gambit(dad) vs. the Australia gambit(me) vs. the stuck in North America and Asia gambit(Ron).... and for some reason they actually let me have Europe for a turn early on

Ron planning strategy

Dad offering to make a truce(he has no intention of keeping.  ;-)

looks like blue snuck behind enemy lines

Looks like yellow is getting mighty!

Wiped out Dad and took his cards, now its on for Ron!

the END!