Finally got to play some AtG - game day Sun 2008-09-28 with my buddy: Game 3

Last game of the day, HRD+SS(couldn't find it, used TK) vs. Shadow Hulk and TT + fodder

You can see in the photo where he pointing at the mini he will be confusing. It was pretty much a masacre, with no one able to hot the HRD till nearly the end, and me getting the +50 VP when I killed the TT. But then the SH took out the SS, and confused the HRD one last time, save failed + SH rolls a 17 and gets to control the HRD.......HRD with 200 HP loses the game!!!! Still shaking my head about that one, a successful save or him not taking control, and the game goes the other way.

Finally got to play some AtG - game day Sun 2008-09-28 with my buddy: Game 2

Huge white + bullettes vs. bunch of guys not good enough to hit the HWD

Since I thought it unlikely I'd be able to take out the HWD, I moved all but the GDK away from it once he'd engaged, but some bad rolls meant his bulletes lived too long, got some VP to make it close, but if the game had continued to the death, it would have been a massacre. It's tough to take on a good huge with 80-90 point guys.
couldn't find my strahd, so used a different vampire. I only managed to kill the blue bullete.

Finally got to play some AtG - game day Sun 2008-09-28 with my buddy

First game - dual Earth titans + Snowball vs. Armored Guulvorg, Blackroot Treant + Bane

He made the mistake of getting the B.T. out in the middle alone, once it died, game was over

Missing paint steps - Shadow Hulk

Missing paint steps - Shadow Hulk - The jaws don't have the white coating


Fixed a Beholder lich from Unhallowed

Eye is made out of crayola modeling foam(bright red), tried to give the eye kind of a soft squishy sickly look. Painted it undead green, then lined with yellow india ink, then a slight dry brush with black, the middle part of the eye is black with a few hints of green. Edge of eye and hightlights on the body is green india ink. Painted in the gouges with reddish brown india ink. sealed up with glossy sealer(haven't been able to find any flat sealer with the (AP) label). Maybe not quite as sick as I'd like, but not too bad. It's always bothered me, a beholder without the eye, cause the whole point of the beholder is the eye. It now sits on the shelf next to snowball

Repainted Hellwasp, Galeb Duhr, and Ochre Jelly to Lime jello

A few AtG repaints

I knew there was a good sculpt lurking under under the monotone paint of the SGT. The Gnaw demon is not the official repaint, I took a green one and repainted it.


AtG: a few pics for scale comparison

GOL treant, AtG undead treant:

Clash of the titans:

Consensus #1 minis from each set of huges:

Yuan-ti Anathema: Looks much better in person then in the gallery

AtG got my 2 cases today, got an elder red and a white

Another yellow bellied elder red for your viewing pleasure(or not) I gave them to my 2 yo daughter, and she liked them, but not as much as the Armored Guulovarg which is her favorite.

Promo Minis came today AtG: red gnaw demon and rusty chain golem

without flash

with flash