watched a the gainer900(tm) match - its like watching a different game

Wow - 'The Exile'

Thought that the FW dragon was good - and she's awesome, but 'The Exile' can sure hit hard.

Battle of the LE and EXO bgs:

Sould collector gets massive buff!!!

15 speed and 17 dmg, now he is teh good!


couple of good games FW/IS SOD vs IS barbs deck against natengoat

man those barbs can hit hard on occasion, crazy amounts of hits for tons o damage - a lesser dragon would have fallen, but not Kexeriona the real Serpent of decay

first game - quick rush, got 'last stand' early - flew in and started smashing barbs.

2nd game - more dragged out back and forth on the FW map - soulreave saves the day, but man its been awhile since I cast that. 'last stand' came late, took much more creative playing to stay alive.


got rushed bad by a KF'er - bad draw didn't help - switched battle groups - game 2 - "the revenge"

Got my font and went straight for his shrine, no messing around - killed everything in my path...

Moral of the story: make a rush team, be susceptible to the rush - especially against someone who just played you...


itzaguy is a great guy

cheezy match - 3 FW + 1 UD pts, plus some cping

Spiders, Spiders, everywhere

nothing was played but spiders


win streak reaches 6!

quick game against a high ranked player, who apperently didn't like the look of my runes - he surrendered as soon as I popped out the SOD:

managed to beat a high level player, who was using FF SL!

usually its my weak spot - good players with FF SL or ST, so it felt good to get a win..... I bet he was quite surprised when I went straight for his shrine, and just ignored all the guys he had running around grabbing fonts, even 1 rounded his SG... SOD+RD+FPA+next to a shrine=tough to beat.

He's probably thinking gg already with an init champ out 1st turn against a 1500 something ranked FW player:

I have the POWERRRR!

Time for a liitle RD. The SG hit the ava with a little spite... its nice watching 2 big baddies pop out in the same round thanks to disease damage:

THe end:


nothing like the feeling of chopping the enemies transfigured avatar!

Come to me, my sweet little mage, so that I may 2 shot you....

chop fiorn, then domi him over to pick up the nora globe and stand next to the SOD for a good dosing of disease..... DOes this count as a disease deck? ;-) Then for some reason next turn he disengaged while I was impervious to do a charge.....

run shrine, run!

nothing like the feeling of chopping the enemies transfigured avatar!


rematch!!!! kf hero surrendered before the game even finished loading

what more can I say:

DId I mention, that last blog post took much longed then the game

heck - even this post took almost as long. ;-)

Just played(and beat) a kf faction hero. FW/IS vs. KF

Chatted a bit, he popped out 2 teleport champs - then surrendered to the might of my cursed blade.. BUahahahahahahahaha!

Best 3 minute game I ever played, I was laughing super hard when it ended(to my mighty cursed blade)

Win Yes Forglar Swamp 4 Sep 17, 2009 12:55:44 AM 3 minutes

barely had time to get a screenie:

Did I mention I used a cursed blade:


another deception award!

let the other guy get all the fonts - and got another deception award!

vs. FS

btw - its hard to kill a shrine with 1 champ.


ended the losing streak

thought I'd take a little break after like 30 straight FF FW games - with a little FW/IS - SOD bg.

matched up against FF KF and finally broke the losing streak!


had a fun game against a friendly kf player - imagine that

the end:

also - he had more shatter options then anyone I have played.

cliff dived 3 of his champs - including fiorn(this was the 3rd, so he knew it was coming, but left AP anyways)


Fastest real win ever!

ran up with the dragon -put equips on everyone - his guys and mine, pounded his eaun, cast RD, and gg


Why FW is the comeback faction

playing a tough KF/SL split - was fighting in the middle font, but just not getting the runes I needed, when they used a DB to kill everything.... Including my SOD with SOD.... the attacks just kept coming and coming....

I had my font, my ava, 1 skull of decay, and no nora.... didn't get a screenie here though... damn, it woulda been pretty - got one where i have 2 guys vs. a big mass of SL though.

Almost surrendered, but thought, what the heck... its time for a comeback.

fought back with BZ, ravenwraith, and transfigured my shrine - level 12(leveled to 13 after match) - is a beast already. The stars aligned, and killing akakios was the final nail - RW healed for 59! She got a name after wards - 'mort akakios'.

Not much to work with(the executioner is just about to die):

Comeback! Comeback! Comeback!

Raven Wraith comes thru... big heal

Here comes the reaper birdie!

Very friendly, nice player, and a good sport.... Had a bit of chatting in there, Would play again.

Rematch!!! also ends with the same result... quick win

Nothing to add....

Wow - finally a win after 4 losses and 2 draws - pulled off a quickie vs. FW/ST

raced in with my dragon and angel, got his font, put equips on him, he put equips on me - and we beat each other up a bit - when it was all over I had his font and he gg'd it.


Finally fought against the Lord(stark that is)

I hate mirror matches(its much more fun festering and cursing the mortals) - but it was fun seeing all the meta stuff from a really good FW player. Match was pretty good - back and forth couldna been anybodies game - but then I made the mistake of going towards his font - out comes the short lived body guard and the BZ, and it was gg. I didn't feel so bad about cliff diving his guy though, he coulda done it right back. ;-)

Hey - its 4 points for FW, so its all good - ends my 4 game win streak though. :-(

Serpent of Decay = awesome against other factions
Serpent of Decay = just another rune against FW

Goodbye fallen hero, I hardly knew ya: