Finally defeat the nemesis: PoxAvenger! Kinda anticlimatic as only 4th or 5th match, but still

Was 0-3 vs. "the MAn" aka PoxAvenger, game 3 looked like I could pull it off as I was going in for his shrine, when the crazy combos started, and all my runes melted off the board, much too fast....

So game 4, I got an advantage early and I played one of my most careful games ever.... Carefully encroaching in on his shrine, using a Risen Moga as a pawn to run in and disease everyone that was hiding by his shrine.... as he used this tactic last time, hide by the shrine and use the +1AP to pull off double shots with everyone.

I knew it was looking good, when he used a FR on my Corpse Golem just so he could kill it ranged. Course it was wearing a Tempest Crown, so that pulled all of his harbys out of his zone and to their doom! DOOM! DOOM I say! DOOM!

At this point he has transfigured his shrine, and we are all in a big scrum, so I pop out a defiling spinel, and then its time for Surrender! Strangely of the 4 games, this is the 1st I didn't get a gg from him. :-(

I do wish Poxnora would give you a warning when the opponent surrenders so that you can take a last screen capture if you want.... just add it as an option, cause I'm sure not all would want it... or have a surrender button pop up, i.e. your opponent has surrendered (accept/deny) if you accept goto victory screen, if deny you can play out the game vs. the AI and when you win or quit it goes to victory screen

Come on little Chirai, I have plans for you....

Uh Oh, that big scary WoA is scared of my Defiler Knight and can't hit him... he ended up having the retrib the WoA to kill the defiler knight....

Confucius Says, no dead magic zone...don't clump runes or hungry dead grabbing shall be

I am liking my ZOMGBIES bg at the uncommon level, lots of good fun wins, actually in danger of moving back up in ranking(where it won't be so good for the poor little zomgbies)

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