Another master of decption!

Against a tough FS/KF band:

Don't mess with Serkan

Here is Serkan wearing Granite Bracers, he got missed with a close combat, and did 28 dmg to his attacker


update - reply from bodui84 !!!

Sender: bodui84
Date Received: Jun 23, 2009 6:04:35 AM
Status: Read
Subject: Re: you're my new pox hero

thank you! it's just a quick game and he made some mistakes. however, he's a cunning guy.

update for NotoPK match

just looked at his profile, and NotoPK has already lost to someone ranked 505

Apperantly he's not that good, I'm just that bad. ;-)

This one goes out to you bodui84, you're my new poxnora hero!

Lost a game, but made a new friend today

FF FW game started just like any other - oh boy someone ranked 5000+, maybe I can get a win......uh oh - SP/KF - good thing I have a skull of decay

looks good to start out with, then out pops an Angel(not SP), and it gets clay formed... hmm, maybe not a noobie_after_all

Still looks good, out comes Serkan - I don't think he's ever died in DoW, so this will be easy....

hmm, out comes every single x2 good exo spells and champs for KF/SP.... At least the UT is making lots of nora for me, awesome, and CoS gets 100 hp top start! Well lets see what insidious plan he hatched to take on my innocent little band of FW.

(insert screen cap I forgot to take of his Angels not quite dying, Cyclops Chief getting Grimlics mirror twice, x2 RE, etc, etc....)

Plus had some fun chat the whole time - he really was that good, estimate that his bg cost $4066.67.... Not sure how he's getting so many games in when the game took about 45 minutes and I was playing fast and not dragging it out other then the chatting, which I mostly typed on his turns.

uh oh, he's so good he's telling me when he wants to win by, guess I better let him...

Did finally kill one angel, but it was too little too late.

Well lets go see his real ranknow(as apperantly ranking happens at midnight) and who he's an alt for since he wouldn't tell me in chat...... and he is revealed:

its LordSerkan proving you can go from level 5000+ to level 441 in 2 days!!!!


Serkan is a beast!

Earned a victory today while my opponent owned all the fonts, and it was all thanks to Serkan. HE took out 2 lava monsters, 2 angels of pain, 2 trap spiders, etc, etc... wave after wave of UD beasties. Finally when the guys spider attacked Serkan, did 10 dmg, took 6 dmg and died, and then fully healed Sekan, it was gg! Honorable mention goes to Logorth the DH for detecting the spider who was sneaking up on the base and making it all possible.


morganfart post game wrap up

got a response from morganfart on poxnora website:

Sender: morganfart
Date Received: Jun 20, 2009 12:49:52 AM
Status: Read
Subject: Re: enjoyed observing your game yesterday

OMG that match was crazy! he laid down so many traps I could hardly move. That plus he had these moga cannons that he kept maximizing and giving like 90 health. Every time I thought I had him worn down he would lay a fresh field of traps, unbelievable, the match lasted all night!


win streak hits 4 in a row! Gotta be some kinda record. ;-)

Sadly I didn't get a screen cap of Serkan raining down lighting on them from the rise above their base. 4 in a row

FF FW - Serkan beater band
FW/FS - stealth
FW/ST - Elven Ancestor chop suey
FF FW - again Serkan beater band vs. SP

Look at all that precious cp for the

wow - poxnora trap spam......

I think I'd get tired of laying traps after awhile, game passed the 1:30 mark - you may all remember the epic battle that I had with Morganfart - it lasted about that long

the other half of the map - not quite so pretty

Update below - informed them of the blog dedicated to their match:


Poxnora rune preview: "Boghopper Reaper", now with 30% more leap and reap then the leading reapers

Never saw this rune effect before - next turn the boghopper popped over to where he should be


finally played a real "actual new player", not an alt or low ranked casual master.

The happy garu(life is wonderful, anything can happen):

The sad garu(right after being BZ'd, and right before being chopped):

The victory:

finally played a real "actual new player", not an alt or low ranked casual master. I didn't know they actually existed.
Chop suey / Elven ancestor deck was successful - played like an IS guy and only deployed 3 champs. He was bunching his guys and never destroyed the ancient elasari helm, so it got passed from champ to champ, alot.

The chop is nice, you know you only have to get an enemy down to 5 or 10 hp, and then the block does the rest.

FW/SP stealth successful in a quick win vs. KF/UD

thought he had me when he got up one font and let loose a grimlics mirror on his pumped up elven mage, but then used loot to take his elite blade and, then I hit the original for 32 damage with assasinate and and then hexed him too, then finished him with a blast from the lich king(range 8! baby) --- and he's a very expirienced player, so it wasn't a cheap win!


beat the 1st hoppin mad map with no champs..... just a little out of order

hoppin mad - beat the 3rd map of hoppin mad with no champs

hoppin mad - beat the 3rd map of hoppin mad with no champs, slapped down the tidemaster:

poxnora - defeating the the hoppin mad maps with no champs

Had been running a BG with 3 champs, FW/ST, but now completed the 2nd map with a BG with 0 champs.


After a long drought Serkan and BZ finally won me a ranked match

faced a tough IS gang - nothing but lumbering for my opening draw, so spent no nora - brought out Serkan on the 2nd draw. He started with a DK, popped on the granite bracers, I thought it'd be over quick for me, but pulled thru:

Notice half the champs are lumbering - thats alll I got! Even the BZ got lumbering from a earthshaker relic