auggies minis order arrived today - got some more pics

The new salamander looks awesome and the foulspawn hulk is good too. The herzou is good, but smaller then expected, he almost looked like a huge in the online pics....

Plus a couple of pics from minis from the new star wars sets, really like the felucian.


The Human Rabble has them just were he wants them....that magic club hits for 1d6+2......and he knows how to use it...

Said the Human Rabble,"Hey, what are those red marks on the cavern floor......."

Said the Beholders,"Bzzztt, Bzzttt, bzztttt"


after 2 tough losses, nothing like finally getting a win, but having to sit thru my opponent doing 2 min turns of nothing.........

had to sit thru 2 min turns once the game was over and he had no troops left... figured it was a noob since he played so badly, it seemed especially obvious after playing 2 really good players in my previous matches and getting beat.... maybe this is just my lucky map....

So while I was sitting thru these turns - decided to blog about the match which I am prone to do.... usually I wait till after the match is over.... but not this time - so I taunted him, took a screenie, and logging into google blogs.....

but at the victory screen.... he's a vet.....


Finally managed to get a win with the groble trick deck

Its kind of fun using the 'Drakon' as a decoy. Marched in and crushed all - hate taking FW points though...

(in a spooky rising dad voice)You will attack the dragon....You will attack the dragon....You will attack the dragon....You will attack the dragon....You will attack the dragon....You will attack the dragon....You will attack the dragon....You will attack the dragon....

ignore those grobles, let...them...grow...in...power.... the dragon must die...it is big and scary....very big and scary....

ok - whats left????

Wow - the comeback!!!!

he drew first turn doomie, i got the angel(9 speed) - he had the center font before I got my close font. Pops out another doomie and equipped an earthgod sigel on my angel to give her lumbering - i didn't get a screen cap of just how feeble i looked at this point - almost ready to give in, but drew a BE, and proceeded to make - "The Comeback" killed his doomies - took the middle font - pushed in to his font and he quit after getting another cursed blade on his barb - and I finally got the new FW dragon in the field - thats a beast if I ever saw one!

I would say what won it, was he kept hitting the BE....and making little BEs

Still looks bad....

halfway there - just about to mobilize!

The end, and they lived happily ever after....


First win in new DoW - and avatar got 150 cp!

Long tough hard fought battle with a UD player - I forgot to take screen captures I got so in to it. He had a total spiders bg - with klizik up in the 40s for dmg before I slapped a cursed blade on her(still in the 20s).

Liked having the ravens kill his scorched dwarves... map helped some, with a couple of flying guys, klizik did get one of my angels though... its tough, even his summoned spiders were hitting for 10, and he had several spiders at 15+.... FS would have laughed at this bg with their new anti summon guy. ;-)

So one win - we'll see what my rank is tomorrow - off to play a game of casual.


FInally making another DDM post for new legendary evils set - looks great in hand, tons of pics

My case came, but not my singles pre-order, so I have a lot of the set here for review and pics.

Ones that were way better then their online pics i'd seen previously indicated:

Frost Giant - looks goofy in the online pic - awesome in hand

Beholder UT - looks great, much beefier and solid then the online pics, stands up straight, no lean(not that the online pics looked bad - its just even better)(will repaint at least 2)

Elder iron dragon - looks pretty good, not goofy at all

Goristro - badazz demon(i thought he looked good in the original pics, just even better in hand)

remorhaz - pretty cool colors work on a bug - would look good in mettalic(repaint?)

psychic sentinal - its red - could proxy for a lot

little bit disappointed in:

salad spawn - not as large of beefy as pics looked online - pre-ordered a lot of these, so not so happy about this

Minotaur thug - meh - its buff though

Githzerai - could use a wash - something just seems off

bolraza - worst goofiest looking mini in the set

(ones not listed looked about as good as their online pics)

And on to all the pics, many angles - tried to get angles not in the online pics i've already seen, last few are other stuff and a few for size comparison:


The last couple uploaded are from the new WOW set, thought they were the 2 best from the latest WOW set, good place to pick them up, they also have a couple of the LE figs auggies is sold out on:


and of course the minis man for all your LE and other needs:

And one cool pic to have in the blog:


The victory!!!

After several hard fought wins in DoW with ff FW, finally moved past IS....

This puts my faction profile and guild as "My Faction" = FW!

started out bad - he had my font quick, then ran back and got his own font when I slowly fought back for it.


Answer: Dracolich it............ Question: what do you do when Mena is coming towards you?

What you don't see in the above pic is my BE cowering behind my shrine after he got warped back behind my shrine, and stuck between some relics


To be the man, you gotta beat the man!

In ranked, fun bg vs. fun bg..... fattx(a.k.a. the man - around 12k pox games) with his demon bunnies, vs my dragons and dinos SL bg(no spells!!!). Man I wish it was this easy to win with FW(course then everyone would play them). Played while going thru pictures, so I wasn't really paying my full attention to the game, started out by deploying Valdac.... he's not too bad. ;-) And then it was gg as they say.....

Continuing a trend of occasionally winning against better players.

Bunnies of doom + a clay form coming:

He clay formed a bunny and my DC:

For some reason he ran his champs away so I could attack his base:

transfigured and getting pounded, he did do a nice combo with Vicious Harpoon, dragging my Sand ele into a rock trap, my champs all bounced around for some dmg, too little too late though.

champ of the game Valdac:


Volatile is crazy now - First successful shrine rush!!!!

For some reason the high ranked player using IS/SL on the FW map in Casual brought out a Pox Harbinger first and nearly killed his own shrine.... so my plans changed.... all i had out was a Master Axeman(Krionesis) and a miner, so I charged his shrine, equipped the axe, popped out the failed amplifier so i didn't get spell spammed.... equipped cursed blades on both his champs..... threw my axe at his shrine, then ran up to it..... next round he casts some spell to get a bunch of dragons, and then attacks me with his sunderpede and get riposted, then 1 more hit to take out his shrine. First successful shrine rush!!!!

FW avatar now level 10 - gets a glowing sword


+1 FW for DoW continued

2-1 today full faction FW in DoW, only loss was to a crazy ST/FS nora gen bg.... this puts me at +1 FW for DoW continued

finally at +1 for DoW FW!!!!

2-1 today full faction FW in DoW, only loss was to a crazy ST/FS nora gen bg.... this puts me at +1 FW for DoW



3 in a row with Elven Ancestor deck!!! 2 surrenders and a DC

Got another deception award also, was just about to kill his tidemaster when he surrendered