Nemesis.... Shmenesis.... yet another win against PoxAvenger

Epic match gg - me(ff fw) vs frigid8 (fw/ud)

Shattered Peaks
Apr 27, 2011 1:34:58 AM
1h 15m

game took 1:15 and wasn't decided till almost the end, a classic back and forth match, i contested his font, then he beat me back to my font, then I came back again.... part of the problem was half my bg couldn't hit the stupid remains....

Starting out - didn't realize I shouldn't deploy champs who can't hit relics.  :-(

Uh oh - absorb, makes Serkan less effective, and about to equip a SoD - makes a great combo

Serkan didn't do his best....

Now how the heck do I kill it and not leave a relic?  At one point he had a whole row of stealthed dreameaters.... I need detection and equip removal stat... oh wait, not in the bg..... 

More DE love

Also the guys who were making relics on kills hurt, and no free swarms even when I had my 5 ZOMGBIES out, only one swarm happened and it was towards the end

here's the comeback

that Corpse Golemn wasn't sneaking up on anyone

Coming in for the final kill

And on to the gg

More awesome awards!!..  WooHoo!

After some bad unfun losses - won vs hated KF and even got a rage quit from a TOP player!

 Looked good at the start - Mena and Serkan... didn't realize it was a guy who was over 300 wins over .500
He let me get his font

ZOMGBIE SWARM TIME, and RAGE quit!  Love it FF FW vs. FF KF!  and a TOP player 

This felt like a great win after losing to some bad players who had "problematic" or OP runes.  No fun playing against a player who isn't very good, but out runes you.  :-(

Finally saw Bliss - and then won by disconnect


Pox nemesis PoxAvenger the rematch

Started out good and even - both running new bgs, and a little friendly banter:

He surrendered, but I didn't feel that the match had really been decided yet, but he may have been about to do a bunch of healing, which would just have pumped up my AoG....


Finally broke 100 DoW points in a grind it out win vs. KF

Always good to get a big win vs. the hated KF faction, especially when its uber torts with tons of summons... he was dominating the board thanks to a terrible draw on my part... 16 champs and nothing worth playing till the 3rd round, and that off a shrine scry.... oh well, yet another comeback victory for FW... I even made an actual swarm ZOMGBIE this time, usually I get none, and was about to make another when he surrendered.

Just starting out - could really use some viable early champs:

he left perfect spacing for the ZOMGBIES to spread disease

Tort bought to be zom-bi-fied, when he surrendered

 YAVOAERO = yet another victory over an exotic ranked opponent

blew past 100 points, right to 106!


Finally defeat the nemesis: PoxAvenger! Kinda anticlimatic as only 4th or 5th match, but still

Was 0-3 vs. "the MAn" aka PoxAvenger, game 3 looked like I could pull it off as I was going in for his shrine, when the crazy combos started, and all my runes melted off the board, much too fast....

So game 4, I got an advantage early and I played one of my most careful games ever.... Carefully encroaching in on his shrine, using a Risen Moga as a pawn to run in and disease everyone that was hiding by his shrine.... as he used this tactic last time, hide by the shrine and use the +1AP to pull off double shots with everyone.

I knew it was looking good, when he used a FR on my Corpse Golem just so he could kill it ranged. Course it was wearing a Tempest Crown, so that pulled all of his harbys out of his zone and to their doom! DOOM! DOOM I say! DOOM!

At this point he has transfigured his shrine, and we are all in a big scrum, so I pop out a defiling spinel, and then its time for Surrender! Strangely of the 4 games, this is the 1st I didn't get a gg from him. :-(

I do wish Poxnora would give you a warning when the opponent surrenders so that you can take a last screen capture if you want.... just add it as an option, cause I'm sure not all would want it... or have a surrender button pop up, i.e. your opponent has surrendered (accept/deny) if you accept goto victory screen, if deny you can play out the game vs. the AI and when you win or quit it goes to victory screen

Come on little Chirai, I have plans for you....

Uh Oh, that big scary WoA is scared of my Defiler Knight and can't hit him... he ended up having the retrib the WoA to kill the defiler knight....

Confucius Says, no dead magic zone...don't clump runes or hungry dead grabbing shall be

I am liking my ZOMGBIES bg at the uncommon level, lots of good fun wins, actually in danger of moving back up in ranking(where it won't be so good for the poor little zomgbies)

The day of epic wins: 2010/04/10!

Pulled off 2 incredible wins, 1st FF FW vs. FW/IS super magnus..... liked it so much played my next games as FW/IS super magnus, and managed to pull off an incredible win vs. FF FW.

Its always nice when the other guys chopping blocks start chopping his avatar. ;-)

The biggest problem with super magnus, is one champ, makes you very draw dependent... my draws were so late in both games I played with him, both times my shrine was being attacked already when I drew him(almost managed to pull off the win in the 1st game with him too)... so it makes the win with him even more incredible.....

For some reason the other player sat there and took out all my relics instead of going for the shrine.... even on the next to last turn he still could have won with proper runes usage, just with what he had in play, luckily he didn't.... I noticed he rage quit right before I did a gg... after I typed it. ;-)

I also like how his Serkan is laughing as I win


Big win against SL, and 3rd recent win against EXO ranked opponents

Big win against SL, and 3rd recent win against EXO ranked opponents

And I even took out the "unkillable/autowin" Dragon engine - which is quite a feet in itself, considering the thing in only like 59 nora

Lost again to PoxAvenger.... he seems to be becoming my nemesis, was in a good position, then the tricks started and my guys melted away.

Notice the granite bracers being equipped, pretty much was the difference in the match there... at least I didn't get banished. ;-)

Finally hit 50 points for a faction in DoW, now if Wrath can just pull off the win

Even better, the last win was against the hated KF faction... They surrendered once I wrested the middle font from them, and I was about to kill their big brown bear and harvest its soul to make my undead stronger... right before I could get a screen cap..... SO here is the profile screen


Although named runes don't show up anywhere else - they still show up in battle report after the fight

Although named runes don't show up anywhere else - they still show up in battle report after the fight, see the 3 named runes that show up in the list at the bottom:

Some recent stuff that happened in Pox

Back on my winning ways(with FF FW - no more splits for awhile), and passed the "mucker" test.

The mucker test is where a highly ranked player sends a mucker at you to see if you can handle it.

I like to play, but only when we CONGA! Right before he surrendered... if only I'd played a Sizzlechest!

To be the best, you gotta watch the best... number one vs. number 3 I think it was.... a lot of people were watching this one, and it was quite epic... BTW, number one player is playing one of the least popular factions, and running Kanen who are by no means OP. His opponent is playing standard FW META. Watched this battle for awhile, they both really knew what they were doing.

I love it - got the EA down to 0 dmg, and I'm not even running a curse/hex bg, was just a lucky accident.... and yes I pulled off the win, despite massive spell spam killing many ZOMGBIES.

Moragen + Grim Well... makes living opponents go hmmmmmmmmmmmm..... spell spam did eventually get them, but it took awhile.

Played 2 games against PoxAvenger... first one was meh... I surrendered after him getting the middle font from Banish.... but the 2nd one was epic and went for quite awhile and we got a good chat in.... banish ended up being the difference in this one also though, when my built up AoC got banished cause I lost the dead zone protecting it. From the screen shot - you can see both Avas transfigured and doing battle.

I hate banish... unless I'm running it of course. ;-)

No one can beat the randomness of Circus... when I got tired of testing stuff, AoC owned.

Mirroring your champ seems like a good idea... except the computer ignores them and goes straight to hit the real one.

This is me losing to cute baby furbulls. :-( awwww, but they're so cute!