The day of epic wins: 2010/04/10!

Pulled off 2 incredible wins, 1st FF FW vs. FW/IS super magnus..... liked it so much played my next games as FW/IS super magnus, and managed to pull off an incredible win vs. FF FW.

Its always nice when the other guys chopping blocks start chopping his avatar. ;-)

The biggest problem with super magnus, is one champ, makes you very draw dependent... my draws were so late in both games I played with him, both times my shrine was being attacked already when I drew him(almost managed to pull off the win in the 1st game with him too)... so it makes the win with him even more incredible.....

For some reason the other player sat there and took out all my relics instead of going for the shrine.... even on the next to last turn he still could have won with proper runes usage, just with what he had in play, luckily he didn't.... I noticed he rage quit right before I did a gg... after I typed it. ;-)

I also like how his Serkan is laughing as I win

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