finally got my Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes Miniatures

Look pretty good, scale is right compared to other minis - they fit in just fine next to the other recent ddm PC  minis like "Male Human Invoker"(thats the guys in yellow robes below)  See them pictured with many other companies minis for scale.  Plastic seems fine, not as brittle as the clix, but not quite as durable as the ddms...... I wouldn't try running over them, like someone did with a ddm common, but they should be fine for normal play use.


New release, playing with new runes, massive comeback ends in rage quit

3 font map - he had 2 fonts and was pushing in towards me, almost surrendered, but just kept plugging away and deploying runes.... then he transfigured his shrine and rushed in and pushed me back more... then he flew his IE into my font.... so now I had no fonts.... but I kept killing(slowly he had lots of majestic)   finally got his avatar trapped, and on came the rage quit!  He had my shrine down to 31 hp and had killed my ToH.

Quite a match..... it sure takes a long time after a rage quit to time out and surrender.

Wow - and at the end - notice he's one of the top players! he's 2329-1173


ZOMGBIES decide to go manic - 2 rush wins in a row FF FW vs. FF IS

So I guess IS is back, played them a few times lately.....   last 2 games, one last night, one just now, and a recent one I lost to was an IS/xx split:

Sundered Lands
Jul 1, 2011 1:47:12 AM

Ruins Of Valdac
Jun 29, 2011 11:18:09 PM

Game last night was pretty tough - he rushed out with his 8 speed champ and had middle font quick... luckily my lethargic 5 speed champ could just reach it... then i had to just overwhelm him with ZOMGBIES.....

Tonight's game.... his 1st 2 deploys were IS angels, so I just get scrying every turn to get decay.... would have been over sooner, but his 1st Angel intensified before I got it.... Once I did though, it was gg - his Angels heal 8 a turn, and I got it before the 2nd one intesified.... so I killed all his champs in the 2 rounds after decay was cast...

Oh, and the one picture from when I had ST listed as my faction... from my epic win AGAINST ZOMGBIES.  ;-)   that didn't last long... more FW points already.

It really looks like knowing your bg/champs is as important as anything else... I do much better with my FW bgs then I do with all these weird splits I come up with.  ;-)

ya 8 speed v lumbering/lethargic....  oh and I had 0 champs round 1, DG don't count!

Pile on the auras... the clumped auras helped with the killing, but it meant he did a lot of dmg with AOEs

That green stuff actually adds 1 AP to movement...

Actually drove fwd and took his font without losing the middle

And they lived happily ever after.....

Look at me, I'm an ST player!

Come here my little Angel

He clumped his champs to take maximum dmg from auras....

Moragen lost her bg  - thats never good

Time to decay biznitches!

I even warned him that everything was about to die....   but then in stead of surrendering right away, I think he went to get a sandwich or something, as he did nothing for 2 turns... and this is after all his champs died and he said gg

Then he came back from his snack and we chatted a bit, then he finally surrendered with the hoard coming down on him...

Another win vs. an exotic ranked player....


Crazy reverse mirror match ST(yetis) v. FW(ZOMGBIES)

So you all know what a big FW player I am, and how ZOMGBIES are my favorite thing to run.... so imagine my surprise when I get matched up against it, especially since I haven't seen a FF FW in awhile.

I played yetis as a nice break, a quick lame match, and this good long one vs zombies

They are great 1 v 1 with normal champs - they had nothing to do against the SL/UD match I played 1st --- lame 7 min match, he mimic'd my yeti beserker with a DS and it was lol-gg with no spells and nothing that could kill it as it was ice eater and berserker at that point....  they also suck against ravenwraiths....

so onto the better match:

 FYI  - it is hard to control a map full of furbulls & yetis... I left a lot of ap on the map(almost cost me the game).

And i also learned that Carrion Colossus swarm zombies if you have 5 or more zombies out, not Carrionlings  - maybe its time to add one of them to the ZOMGBIES BG....

Although I did accomplish what I wanted with this yeti bg - I'm ready to go back to a  real bg with zombies and counters.....

The lame 1st game... it did start out nice with a 1st draw of totoro - extra funny since we watched the movie totoro earlier today... maybe that was why I had yetis on the brain... also cp'ing the yetis used up the rest of my gold tokens. :-(

Started out good with contesting his font early

right before he equipped an SOD... SODs can be a pain

THis yeti berserker is actually NOT totoro, its the other one

Not actually trying to win just fill up the map with traps and furbulls, or something.... This also makes me want to go back to the 1 champ bg with undead magnus....  I kept running out of time with the champs on the board and forgot to deploy, thats how i piled up so much nora... realized i prolly couldn't kill the raven near my shrine in one round(almost no magic dmg) and just kept blocking it... on the next to last turn it broke thru since i ran out of time and didn't get it blocked --- took my shrine from nearly full to 28 in one turn..... so I had to kill his shrine fast, but it was getting clogged with ZOMGBIES on his end.....

JUst before the transfigure, where will he run too?

Wow - majestic works on avas!  did not know that either....

Oh boy 12 points for the hated protectorate faction... gotta be careful I don't pass my fw points...  j/k at least it wasn't kf... they are the real blight of the poxland


Finally an epic matchup FW/IS vs. UD

The day before was bad 1-7... looks like power creep has made it even harder to run fun or theme bgs... Zombies + yetis and zombies both played badly.... seems like i faced in everything but the 1 win 2x new legendaries (FS and UD)

UD is the new FW, as most of the matches lately have been against them, with FS 2nd,.... as opposed to 2 weeks ago, when it was all FW and IS.....

I faced 1 FW/UD split, but they still were running demonologist and stiched firsts, so hardly FW themed .

 So on to the good match --- 1st of all a thank you to my opponent for surrendering when it was clear I was winnning... we were about 9 minutes away from a downtime for a patch and he could have just delayed and cost us both the match(its as if games cancelled by a reset never existed, and no gold).   The game had a lot of good back and forth and could have gone either way.... mainly because UD is the current OP faction of the moment, and even with a bg I had created specifically to beat what he had, UD can throw out so much dmg, it still took a long time to push thru.

Also - I got a new monitor, so I upped the resolution on the game and so the screen caps are even larger now.

Started out good with contesting his font and killing somthin', but he used retribution to take me out, or it could have been a quite win, cause undead magnus was already getting pumped up.

Quick, use all the "DOOMs" before the bigguns get DP'd.  VRs are no fun to fight, much better to make them not exist, via doom or something else.... 

Looks bad, but several of my champs are immune phys dmg.... he finally ended up dooming them right back

if you can keep the Dwarven MC alive, it is a force to be reconned with... it was fun watching his units scattering every turn since he didn't know where the aritllery shell was coming down.

The high warlock stands alone.... why oh why didn they have to give him 2 fire attacks, if only his base attack was magic.....  he can't kill the stupid fire ruby which almost all UD players run.   Also finally killed his Mark of Sheoul which gives his champs 5 hp.... this is a real problem when you have about 10 champs with 4 hp.... think it was the most champs I ever killed in a round.

At this point the Stitched librarian has about 60 charges and is severely depleting his nora each turn with nora hex....and I have 2 miners and 2 mines out = a huge nora advantage... There were a few rounds I had as much as 400 nora and nothing to spend it on.... 

Game went over 1:30 and would have run longer if not for the looming outage

Jun 26, 2011 2:53:42 AM
1h 38m