New clix sets are pretty nice too

Got a few of the singles from heroclix and lord of the ring clix and several of the minis are useful in D&D, also the new bases are a lot nicer and you can actually turn the dials(not that I play clix, I just use them for other games.)

Pics below, of the clix minis I got, including a couple of shots next to ddm and ppm for scale.


Full set shots of Pathfinder minis

Got the full pathfinder set from my case, plus a few duplicates, and posted pics.  See below:


So in one case I got a full set plus quite a few extras, including 3! Ettins(which luckily were much cooler then expected).

I just want to repeat what was already posted in case anyone missed it - full cases are taped, the quarter cases come in the taped case and they are sealed in strong cellophane..... but individual boosters are NOT sealed at all.... I would recommend only ordering cases/quarter cases, or singles(from someone like auggies).... I would guess buying boosters off ebay will only get you the cheaper commons/uncommons.....


New Pathfinder and DCM minis

Finally got some of the new Pathfinder and DCM minis and they are great.   Link to all the pics from my birthday/gameday and some pics of just the minis.  Also did a time lapse movie of our gaming sessions.  I've always liked watching stuff at "hyper" speed, still looking for some good software to add audio commentary and a good soundtrack.....

The new DCM tentacle minis and the choker.... and how often do you get to see a nun team up with a Rancor. ;-)

A batch of the new goblins with a few of the other new minis from the set... thought that the HS large green guy looked like a good papa Goblin mini for all the baby goblins.... also my 6 year old daughter absolutely loved the goblins too.