Wow - I can see how FW gets a bad name if our top players are like this

Playing against one of the better FW players, but he was running SP so it wasn't a mirror match

Started out nice, he figured he'd school a low ranked FW player.... but then he started losing and his friendliness took a turn for the worse... easily one of the foulest players I've played against....   Although he did call me kid, so I have to wonder just how old he is to call me kid....  I think the last person to call me kid was my grandma, but she calls anyone under 50 kid(she's 90something).  ;-)

Also - I should say... my bg has 7 spells, so hardly a spell bg, but there is a combo in there I have never seen anyone else run or heard of on the forums... so I think he was frustrated by that.  Oh and his strategy of hiding in the corner didn't seem so good either.

And to top it off - he could have transfigured his shrine and survived some more rounds.....

Oh, and first win against a limited player in awhile....

Warning - there is swearing in some of the screen caps, so don't click on them if your are offended by that. 

started out good

Not sure what his plan was with this guy

A little skirmish in the middle

HW are too expensive now - I never seem to be able to get them out, never even did a repurpose and the DG went away

He tried to swarm me with recruiter, but left hp on my zombie, so i swarmed his recruiter

Going in for the kill

Here comes the combo

Shoot guys, or shoot shrine?  Can it be killed in time?

Chatting and shooting

Not getting any more pleasant

I know I said gg - but it wasn't really a gg, actually one of the more unpleasant games I played... I'd hate to see what he would have said if I was running a ST frost EA spell bg or an IS/xx last stand bg and not a bg that runs 7 spells

Droppin an f-bomb and wishing me health, wealth, and long life.  ;-)

I suck at UD... but lost due to a bug so not happy

Right before my guy got drowned with dark pact on him(which should have caused the spell to fizzle).  I could easily have lost anyways as I was up against a good player, and I was just trying out an UD bg to play my new maxx I got in a sale pack.  :-(  Maxx never got deployed.  At least he pwned the computer A.I. opponent earlier. 

At least my opponent knew about my blog, and he didn't seem aware of the bug, so he wasn't exploiting.


More FW hate, and a victory for the alterna FW crue vs. the META IS/SL split

Watch everything decay and burn!

He almost came back from having a nora advantage with the middle font the whole game... you can't see it, but my E. REaper is buried until his relic, surprised I overcame that huge early deficit

Here comes the shrine... and he even transfigured it while decay was active, that sure helped when he did a bunch of dmg to his own guys.

People are not shy about hating on FW.... but some of the toughest bgs I have faced are SL/xx......  Its not really my fault IS players think they can run up to you and go impervious and be all good....


Extra! Extra! Cat loses match!

   HitcherNoi suicides his lizard wizard , chat below...........

quorthon: ouch
HitcherNoi: damn.  cat stepped on the button

thats pretty much all you need, pics below.  ;-)

The Lolcats screen cap.... I bet the cat just wanted to play too.  You can see the nora globe on the cliff....

He fought to the bitter end... no quit in this cat.

Finish him!  The cat comeback was not meant to be.

Epic come from behind win against a high ranking player

He had all the big bad dragons and was killing my poor lumbering ZOGMbies.  :-(

He used the ranged Skeezick sniper to get my base down to 8 hp, and would have lost at the end of the turn if not for dropping the ToH.  Luckily his bg ran lots of healing and the comeback happened, but it was the win that was closest to a loss ever for me.... except for maybe a disconnect or 2.

See his rank!

finally played the almighty hashinshin!

Started out ok....  even got an early UT --- but the mighty mouth of the forums backs up his words with an uber tight META moga bg

Towards the end... got even worse before I surrendered he had the whole map full of Mogas


Finally got some time to paint minis with my daughter - painted a Gauth(baby beholder)

Been looking forward to painting the Gauth mini since the unpainted re-release came out, and I finally got some time to paint minis with my daughter - painted a Gauth(baby beholder).

Used a similar color scheme to the huge beholder that came out a few years ago - so it could pass as a baby for one of those.

Daughter painted some frog minis, and some pictures, and her hands, and her face in the time it took me to paint 1 mini - I guess I'm a slow painter.  ;-)

Messed around with India ink and a  blazing skeleton when I was done, then took a few pics.  Light source for the skelly pics and the red tinted beholder pic is just a red or white  LED.


Yet another rage quit from a top KF player

Was beating him so soundly, I accidentally killed my own RW, and it didn't even matter....

Its always extra sweet when you beat KF!