Finally played the number 1 pox player last night....found out why they are number 1

Sat in the queue for awhile, so I knew I could get matched up with anyone.

Just about ready to give up waiting on a game and go do something else... when the next match starts loading.... Get in and find I'm matched against the BEST player in Pox... and me running my fun ZOMGbies and and werewolves(kanen) synergy free bg(not that it likely would have mattered). SO my FW/SL vs. his FS/ST.

People are always talking about the META... I got to see the META!

And I gotta say, this was one of the most fun and educational loses I have had. Its a whole nother level from losing to an exotic league ranked champ.

It started out nice.... a couple of baby furbulls... I thought great, maybe Algalon is playing a fun bg too... maybe I have a chance(its good to dream - I bounce around between uncommon and exotic leagues depending on the bg I'm running), but baby furbulls grow up, and become papa furbulls, who are really good at contesting fonts with crystalize.

I managed to deploy 2 kanen the 1st round too, so it wasn't as bad as some of the draws I've had, where its the 3rd or 4th round before I get my 1st non-lumbering champ. ;-)

He went to his 2 fonts, I went to my 2 fonts, then the fun began....

Uh oh... is that the new yeti Isee... Its nice when your opponent deploys something, then tells you is OP. ;-) At this point I'm reading thru its abilities to see what it does... hmm maybe it would be good to try mimicing it. ;-) hmm not so much, but I did it anyways. and I liked it, and it made my kanen angry....

Yeti stuck up the middle for awhile, as his regen was almost as high as the dmg I was doing to him.... Moral victory, as my TJA managed to kill it, but failed to get the kill for his blood thirsty blade which I had to equip, since he used his 1st life. the furbull then ran away, so the TJA ran over to kill the hippo to reset the blade... at this point he has already contested or stolen my fonts. Although he did tell me that killing his Yeti was better then most of his opponents.

Killing the hippo didn't turn out to be a match changer - as he possessed my TJA and cliff dived him, and then told me he didn't usually run equip removal... inadvertently insulting my bg with 3! equip removal champs. ;-)

At this point the AoG was pretty pumped up and he started popping out stuff like the crystal phoenix and mass cleanse to heal everyone and pump it up more... it was just mop up for him, and killing my shrine.....

Not pictured, but as he was coming in to kill my shrine out popped Zeven, just in case I was planning a comeback. ;-)

At the beginning I joked joked, the only way I could win was by DC... and towards the end of the match a DC happened, right in the middle of typing, as by then we were just chatting as he marched in for the kill.. but when I logged back in, he was still winning and the match was still going. :-(

In conclusion - to get to be ranked number 1 in pox - you have to be really good, and have a really tight bg(s) - He mentioned that he rotates 12 bgs at the moment... I would guess as you wouldn't want to run the same bg all the time, as then the people ranked just below you could make a bg just to beat you when they see you logged in.

Watching him use multiple cheap champs to engage my champs and run others by to contest fonts while still having the nora for expensive champs, was a different exp then playing against other lower ranked players....I'm sure the META bg helped, but I wouldn't be surprised if we switched bgs and he still managed to pull out a win.(unless of course he was so annoyed at my oddly built bg he rage quit. ;-)

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