New stuff for Minis - new set out - Savage encounters - in hand pics - a game day - and some repaints

New stuff for Minis - new set out - Savage encounters - in hand pics - a game day - and some repaints.....

Sorry for the lazy post combining everything new into one post.

Had a good gameday Sat Nov 7th, several people showed up for some good minis - we used the Heroscape map pieces for the map instead of the normal ddm maps that I have - everyone agreed that this was better, and very easy to customize based on the number of players - because of people coming and going, and a couple people out sick - we had games of 3 players - so we made a map with 3 starting areas - pretty cool.

Also my 3 year old and I have started painting minis again - we even repainted a couple of the new beholders from the last set.

I did one that could be used as a ghost/spectral/undead beholder. And it glows in the dark! Started with repainted in white, then a layer of grey, then a ghostly green layer, then a layer of gloss with sparkles in is, the eye done in mettalic light green, and a layer of glow in the dark paint. All the repainted were then sprayed with glossy coat.

Also did a couple of practice magma brutes to toxic brutes(one wet brush then wipe, and one dry brush)

Here's my daughters beholder that fell asleep with his eye closed and got hit by a halfling mage with 'color spray'.

Also we did some earth titans we did on a different day....I keep trying to explain about gloppy paint.....:

And what you've all been waiting for - the pics of the new set:

All the visibles looked great...

ones who looked better then expected:
Purple dragon, Bodak Skulk, Bullywug Guard, Rockfire Dreadnought, Savage Minotaur, Shardstorm Vortex, Windfiend Furg, Zombie Hulk

Overall, an ok set, not as good as the last one though. Some of the minis could have used better paint jobs, and eyes were an issue on several. Also a few stinker rares. Maybe time to increase the price again to raise quality....

Here is the link to the photo bucket with all the pics from all the above posts dumped in a pile - multiple pics of most of the new minis from the new set, below:

Also mixed in with the repaints were a few pics of the minis I liked best from the new Monsterpocalypse set - golden monkey and glowing ball(they both got played with at gameday)


trying out some more new runes - FW/SL vs. SL

Sac dagger on temple defender worked out pretty good, high def caused him to live and live and live with 2 near full heals - it was gg after the 2nd heal



Just played against a KF player, and the way the new KF runes combine - he ended up with a crapload of hp on crap summons and treefolk..... Why couldn't FW get some OP stuff too, most of the new FW stuff is shoebox or at best very specialized. He practically had the game wrapped up by about the 4th turn, when he dropped a stealthed trap in my font, meant all my lumbering champs had a long way to walk.... domi saved the day again, when I had his weasal do a cliff dive, it made the comeback possible, as they lost a lot of hp, and it seemed like I was killing stuff just to get hp off other stuff, a couple things died on the other side of the map when I killed his wb and that sort of thing..... finally had the comeback nearly complete when he got tired and retired. Was about to sac dagger his spider for a full heal on my draco.....when it was gg.....

I hate to lose to KF, it made me stick around


Crazy FW/ST vs. ST L'usara's Staff battle

Trying out the crazy new ST staff..... having the FW physical damage sure helped vs. his frost damage, he even hit me with a rebound, but I already mostly had the middle font, so it turned out ok. 2x EA, 2x LS for both of us.... All 4 EAs and 4 STaffs were out at the same time. About the worst matchup he could get.

Still one of the hardest matches I've had in awhile, that I managed to win. Need to finish cping my champs, and he definitely knew ST better then I do....



Survived against a high level KF player

I think he must of got a bad draw - he didn't play a 13 speed Warcaller Fiorn or init champ the first round......


Zombie wall!!1

not an easy bg to win with - you almost always start out behind and have to come back(especially against kf) - but against a SL noobie - it was over from the opening tip-off.... what a difference a 1000 ranks makes..... you can actually play fun bgs at this level.....

oh, and I actually had a Bile zombie survive the whole match - he kept picking up and dropping the pendant - the skeez next to him couldn't hit him except for the round I forgot to do that. ;-) Held the font the whole match.