finally ended the losing streak with a FW/UD bg - the game is just different playing a 1500 rank person then sub 1000 rank people

got a great draw - went 2nd and got a greater pitspawn - got my font and charged his shrine. folowed up with imp and firemaw - had my very slow dwarf run down to grab the other bottom font. He didn't get such a bad draw - with lonx defender and nora beast. But like I said - different game - he brought out juya and a tiger to attack the pitspawn and put the tiger right by GP.... one rounded the tiger - put a CB on juya - he actually cast rebound to get rid of it though. then brought out a icesnap...GP is now awestruck - but he has retreat so does that and puts the 2nd fire ruby in between us.... this is where the rank starts to show - 2 rounds in a row he hits GP 2 or more times and activates both absorb, and then arrow eater. Like the GP needs more damage. finally he summons a Yeti - but even this doesn't finish off the GP.... So domi had come up - yeti was 1 space away from icesnap - domi him and kill icesnap - then it was gg.

Losing streak had hit 11 games - it was mostly with fun bgs, and about 3 of them I shoulda won, but made mistakes at the end(exampl of how it went - next to opponents shrine which had 5 hp, killed by summon ant - when it could have been avoided)

Also - this is win 100 in DoW.


First win against a TOP 200 opponent!!!!!!! - took almost an hour - great game - 11 dow points at the end - post 1

What can I say - one of the toughest matches I ever faced(rank 163 SL/UD vs. my FW/FS), and pulled off(i've had tougher games that I lost). Nearly an hour long:
sciroppo Win Yes Brood Pits 19 Oct 19, 2009 2:11:30 AM 53 minutes

Sciroppo brought it to me early, charging in with cheap SL units.

Managed to survive the onslaught, when he followed up with broodmothers and Klizik + brood + wake the brood - this gave him huge damage - and he kept shattering my CBs.....

Finally stuck a 20 nora stone on his BM, and locked her down with a magnetic arun, and then pinged her down, then he feinted a retreat and pulled her back and cast the hated - draconic benediction!!!

But he had so many units he couldn't move them all in time, also he did this with a spider leaping spell, and a last DB towards the end of the game.....

The problem for him, was all these units were generating massive nora for my UT. I was able to do several things a turn or bring out a big unit.

Then i got my froggy out that killed all his summons, and he didn't have much left on the board. he had a level 30 ava though - which he transfigured and charged with - then more woken spider eggs - the retrib to take out my WW....

This is when he hit me with the DB - I thought it was gg - but he couldn't kill my Hydraxor, which was sitting next to his ava at this point.... finally gg for me when I killed it!!!!

continued below:

First win against a TOP 200 opponent!!!!!!! - took almost an hour - great game - 11 dow points at the end - post 2


Wow - tough game against a good SL player - usually SL is my nemisis....just managed to pull this off

Thought he'd won it when he killed my angel and my sonic early with DB and he still had akakios w/ RB + herald on the field, then I shattered it and gave him a CB, brought up 'the exile', domi'd his herald, ended up having to shatter my own fleshewn helm to put on a sac dagger before killing ak for the healing for exile. Got lucky when avalache showed me his acid trap(this would have been gg otherwise for him). Then he hung on for awhile longer even after it was over....


played a tough 29 min FW/SP vs. UD match - on victory screen - 3 points SP, 1 FW, very weird - played with the FW shrine

donwon Win Yes Ironfist Stronghold 15 Oct 15, 2009 12:23:33 AM 29 minutes

finally saw firemaw, and held on thru 2 banishes - could have been anyones match - he had both fonts for awhile. but I was very careful in my use of my couple spells, and brought out both dragons, course 'the exile' was he who got the 2nd banish.

pictures or it didn't happen:


used hypercam to record andother pox match: vs_Frilquanin_FFIS_barbs_20091008_FWST_dragons

Good quick game against some tough barbs. Just testing to see how the vidoe looks, uploaded here, vs. using photobucket.

In honor of souldfrost being nerfed - finally tested out the hypercam for recording a pox movie

Lots of people are often asking about taking pox movies, so I thought I'd give an example and how I'm doing it.

So I give you the Angels descent walkthru using soulfrost pre-nerf(it got nerfed a few hours after this run thru.

I am using hypercam Ver. 2.14.04

I have included screen caps of the settings that I changed, although your setting may vary some, depending on your computer and resolution of pox.

First - download and install hypercam
load up hypercam
load up pox
goto hypercam and under screen area click "select window" - then click on your pox window. - now the pox window is selected as the recording area - don't move it or the recording won't catch the whole screen - the recording doesn't follow the window if you move it around. Also - when in the middle of a game you're recording, don't move or minimize the pox window - or it will record whatever is in the screen area where the pox window was.

now goto hot keys - either use the defaults or set your own

now goto avi file - set the loaction the file will be written. Set the "rate in fraes per sec". after testing a bit record:2 playback:10 seems watchable and speeds up the match x5 so watching it is faster then playing it. Sound will only record if these are set the same value.... using these setting with the pox window at 1366 x 768, a game just under 10 minutes, plays back in 1:52 and took up around 100 megs with no sound.
Your other option is to record with higher quality settings and then compress the file using video editing software.

Once you have everything set and pox up on the screen, hit "f2" or whatever hot key you selected and recording will begin. Once ready to end, hit your hot key again.

I didn't mess around with pausing, but you can also use a hot key for that.

The other way to compress the files is to upload them to a site like youtube or photobucket that automatically compresses the vidoes for you. The videos recorded to an .avi file, but when I uploaded them to photobucket, the images were heavily compressed and converted to .flv format.

Onto the sample videos, the quality is much higher in the originals, but even compressed to .flv, they are still watchable. And a moment of silence for soulfrost, we hardly knew ya. - Also - the previous run thru - got an exo frag - this haul wasn't much to look at.






back on the winning track - and the new DoW format

now its 2 pts for each faction in a split for a win:

strangest offer yet

he had made an offer of about half value of what I was trading, and after i rejected it, I got the following offer......some people are just "special"


yup - if you kill the shrine - you can finish angels descent without killing Serkan

really bad draw - mostly done before I got clairvoyance....

Off to play my new circus of power bg - almost no synergy! ;-)

fw herald and dragon
sp herald and dragon
st herald and dragon
is herald and (need to get my loaned out drakon back)
lots of other "good stuff"

off to crush the angels single player missions

reply from morganfart

Sender: morganfart
Date Received: Oct 5, 2009 10:47:40 PM
Status: Read
Subject: Re: hi again

Yeah, was a fun match:) I'm still getting used to this new deck build, need to use icesnap a bit more! Looking forward to some more battles with ya!

Until next time


my email to him:

Not quite as epic as our last match, but still a fun game.... It was my SP/FW dragon bg..... fyi - cavedragons really suck. ;-) Its very draw dependent, but I got a decent draw that match. I really figured you'd pop out Icesnap/JFQ and awestruck me....maybe next time. ;-)

another good game with my old nemisis Morganfart

When he killed my SOD early, then gf'd my HW, it looked like it'd be a quick gg for him, especially since he had a brand spankin new Lonx defender keeping the font from being contested. Did a lot of shrine scry and finally got Domi(the LD had to walk all the way around the mountain to get to the cliff) - then it was finally gg.


quick fun match - finally saw the priest of fury - then sacrificed him

Can't feel too sorry for my opponent after the combo he had just dropped on me, before I killed all his guys. Loved his comment at the end, after he'd used the much more powerful combo - just didn't quite kill me....

Another game against "The Man" fattx - and his crazy Eaun charge bg

even with SOD+WW, and a CB on Eaun, he still was a pain to kill(almost 200 nora total) - several rounds before he was even damaged - he also popped out a nora miner towards the end - not a good move against FW/SP - out came the nora corrupter, and it was gg