BEST....GAME.....EVER!!!! True Story.

This is true the story of what happens when 1 champ, 2 hippos, and a passive pinger get together to live in the mountains..... with SP!

And what happpens when people stop being polite... and start getting real....

Our story begins with our little Elven Ancestor Eketyne, she has few hp and not much attack, but she gets a pretty helm and stealths so none of the big baddies of faction SP can stare at her....

Up pops her friend Mr. Hippo and rider and his vast pile of cheap hps, he stands proudly at the font and only moves to cast a glorious ST "attack on everything"

Eketyne is starting to feel a little stronger and more confident, still she hides at the side font away from prying eyes... she calls her friend hippo on the phone and has a picnic for one, since her sister Daxero hasn't come to join her.

Passive pinger a.k.a. "Mr. Annoying" and Other Mrs. Hippo and rider join the party. She immediately sets to eating frozen water plants and sitting in the very pleasant font zone.

Our friendly trio needs to watch out, thats quite a menacing bunch of SP coming their way

Eketyne has become a strong and confident woman, she stops to kiss a friendly moga along the way.... She contemplates assasinating him, but he looks so cute and seems so sweet, her internal dialogue goes on till well after her turn ends. The moga lives another day.....will she regret her decision?

While on the other part of their mountain retreat, the naughty moga have engaged the sweet hippo family, but luckily a lot of the less friendly moga die, then are stomped by the angry hippos.

Eketyne has grown strng and confident, she knows the time is near to reveal herself, she's confident, but will she have enough power all by herself to take down the shrine? She debates how many more turns to wait. The friendly moga up north have left her alone with no mean g'hern to tell them to "do vogel"(naughty stuff).... They stand in their font playing cards and telling stories about the great one of SP, who's name must never be spoken, except in the forums where he/she dominates more then on the battle field. One of them coughs and the echo sounds funny.... is that something on the wind? Being moga though, they quickly go back to their games.

Contiued on post below:

BEST....GAME.....EVER!!!! Continued

Eketyne decides its time, she's a strong confident female, its time, the base must be in ruins, she cleans up her blanket and picnic crumbs, wipes her mouth, wiggles her hips, raises her staff and uses her 13 AP to saunter to the base. As she takes her first step, it feels as if she is stepping thru a magic screen, her flesh congeals and she is no longer invisible. This no longer bothers her as she rocks the base with her frost attack.
"rushing21" now notices that something is wrong - the hippo picnic and the pinger and the ice blocks were just a ruse to give Eketyne time to grow into her true power.
A g'hern appears.....Quick - everyone back to the base!!!!! The mogas have to end their party or face a severe whipping.

The worthless FS doombringer appears and gives false prophecy, then he chomps a goblin in half to prove hs point. Serkan's laughter can be heard in the background. He goes back to being offered unsuccessfully in trade for other doomies.

Is it gonna be enough???? Can she pull it off by herself.... The formerly friendly moga race up to her and bite her ankles. She shrugs off the annoyance and casts some more snow, the cold makes her feel good. She grows more powerful, the SP shrine transfigures and hits back, she shrugs it off as she did the moga. She pulls out a sandwich left over from her earlier picnic, and has a snack. She shares a bite with one of the moga, he's a good guy when the g'hern aren't around, and she doesn't hate.
"quorthon" lets loose with a mild taunt....


A giant evil skull appears in the sky, and the final Dwarven council meets and all the people who have been voted off the mountain gather together for a final vote. Thanks to her friendship with the hippos, and the alliances she made with the friendlier mogas, she is voted the "ultimate survivor".
"Mr. annoyance" votes for the clay form and the audience boos.

She feels her time here is nearning an end, she starts a monolougue with the camera on what she learned and how she'll be a better person for the cp she gained here, yadda, yadda, yadda.
She misses her sister, and can't wait to get home and spend the million dollars she won by being the "ultimate survivor"

The credits roll:
ST/FS was played by quorthon
SP was played by rushing21
And a special thanks, to our sponsors, Google, Poxnora, and Sony

Victory screen, and rushing21 is a monster good player! Maybe next time...

Goofy game, weird draw = all nora gen, no useable champs

where's the beef?

Right before Master Axeman decided to cliff dive... He must have been confused hanging out with 2 queens

FW collection post

Just missing a few:

it just keeps getting prettier

here come the doombringers:

Real - fire vs. Ice

bunnies vs. yetis! And its capture the flag.


response from "TheMany", per him, I would have won!!!!

Sender: TheMany
Date Received: Jul 26, 2009 12:24:09 PM
Status: Read
Subject: Re: our weird match

lol i love it, that blog thing is pretty hillarious... but i didnt realize how bad the doombringers suck 0_o. And i was going to lose my dek had no sac daggers... i chose the rong one, but u wud have won fair and square, gratz!


Lamest match of the year

Wow, what a win.....not... couple of turns and a quit.... and the worst part...

It was a great starting draw

Doombringer madness reaches a fever pitch!!!!

Won a casual match today thanks to the FW doombringer. Now how you may ask, since I didn't actually deploy my DB....

Sould Sirens are cool, may have to start running 1:

Phear my mighty ES with his big HEX:

My LK has a SAC dagger, his LK has a CB, I like those odds:

Well, I'm guessing that the other guy got one in trade and wanted to go play with his immediately, cause he surrendered and left.... Oddest match I'd had in awhile, was against a high ranked player, around 666 ranking, and it was close - could have gone either way.

Made a crazy new messin around bg - fire and ice - ST/SL, played a very serious FF FW player, high ranked people don't chat much

This guy doesn't mess around, 2x BE, 2x Pox Harb, etc... Actually was a close match, if only I'd killed the first Pox, but it slithered away to hide over the lava, and equipped a Sac Dagger, to complete his comeback.... oh well, maybe next time. ;-)

Poor little totoro, all by his lonesome:

How many BM's can I make!!! Looks like a bunch. The game is pretty much over at this point, but I'm only playing one game today, so no retreat, no surrender!!!!

What'll you have, looks like an acid trap hidden under the nora globe:

And the Avatar has leveled!


Poxnora is doing targeted advertising! On gooooooogle ads no less

Poxnora is doing targeted advertising! Awesome - here's hoping it picks up a few more players. Screen caps of the ads:


Whoops, won 2 in a row with KF trick deck SG....

Whoops, won 2 in a row with KF trick deck SG.... course 1 was a quick quick by a UD player

Only champs 2 Solitary Garu.... Almost pulled off the other match



Yes, thats my SG hiding behind his base surrounded by relics, including a prismatic crystal

3rd matchup against the same ST in the snow - so just gave it to him - it woulda been killer(for him)


another epic battle vs SP

He was under the mistaken impression FW was overpowered, and was quite chatty, I think half the time was spent chatting, and half playing..... Like I told him, I'd be better off playing FF IS, but I like playing FW, IS is just there for the nora gen(and my neferi killing undead axeman).... But it certainly is not OP, I got destroyed last time I played FF FW with this WB..... course he had "mad skillz".

He let me get most of the fonts, but he had mostly flying guys, which gives my bg trouble, otherwise it would have been a lot quicker - he did manage to kill several LKs though.

ALso managed to successfully use the faultbreaker - he took a lot of hits while the LKs staid in back and pinged. He was somewhat blunted against flyers though.


just noticed rank = 3791

so a win equals around 200 rank points at this level


now six straight wins, and broke rank 4000 - 3998 to be exact

against a tough UD team, who had a nefari messenger as a first turn draw. Nothing like a BZ and a Pincushion capping fonts on such a large map.... The master axeman almost won it by himself(he got every award, maybe its time he got a name). Even pulled off a summon axe before killing the other pincushion that was defending the close font.

Once again, cast exactly 1 spell, and didn't get to deploy Serkan.


just noticed, thats a 5 game win streak!!!!

just noticed, thats a 5 game win streak!!!!
And only 2 spells cast over that whole time....

Opponent Result Ranked? Map Turns Date Duration

scottevil Win Yes Lava Plains 16 Jul 5, 2009 2:24:46 AM 31 minutes

fattx Win Yes Sundered Lands 31 Jul 1, 2009 3:01:51 AM 96 minutes

phycocow Win Yes K'Thir Forest 11 Jun 30, 2009 1:44:46 AM 20 minutes

sno69 Win Yes Shattered Peaks 17 Jun 29, 2009 2:56:04 AM 42 minutes

goroo11 Win Yes Ruins Of Valdac 15 Jun 28, 2009 3:34:30 AM 39 minutes

first ranked match where I didn't lose anything!(bile zombies don't count. ;-)

Also first shrine I've killed in awhile in ranked. Nice guy, gave him some advice during the match once it was obvious I had it wrapped up. You gotta give him, he did no retreat, no surrender with quick turn times.


Another epic game

my IS/FW vs. his SP/UD

Started out bad for me, but eventually my valliant band clawed its way back.... He had tons of healing and kept retreating champs, so it was tough to kill them. He kept eviserating his own champs to kill the blight rings and axeman's fates I was putting on him. I didn't cast a spell the whole game!!!! That out to be some kind of award. I love FF FW, but its fun to not be nora starved all the time.

final stats:
fattx Win Yes Sundered Lands 31 Jul 1, 2009 3:01:51 AM 96 minutes

and his stats(wow - the original poxer!):