Mall Madness with Daleks


We have the Food court secure

You will obey!

K and M playing Mall madness

Ron's graduation party - big time gaming

Ethan discussing the Doctor

Bring on the mounts

Corrupted healer

Undead Tim Tebow riding a pegasas

Blue big bird

halfling han crossbowman with foo lion

undead zombie legs in play

Ron tebowing to victory

Mini wolverine is hard to kill

beware its a brood mother

K with Frankie

Now I gotz the foo lion

Ron's costco cake

K is a big helper

Quorthon riding a big blue bird

storm golem riding a war horse - that is one strong horse

Ethan showing off his card of power... the doctor - he drew it both games

who knew minotaurs could fight in formation

mini wolverine is hard to kill

Andrew Zimmern ddm-i-fried (host of Bizarre Foods)

As many of you know - I am a huge Bizarre Foods fan.  So when I found a mini that just screamed Andrew Zimmern to me, I had to make a Bizarre Foods mini for Andrew Zimmern.  Its not a perfect likeness, but a good proxy.  ;-)

ddm Andrew Zimmern in action:

That's him up in the top right with a purple suit a ham leg and a stein of beer.  The bright orange beard isn't quite right, but the theme of the mini sure is.  I'm sure the beer is an exotic micro brew made in earthenware clay pots and the ham leg was prepared using an aboriginal rub and baked in coals until nice and tender.  When changing him to a ddm mini - he was created as passive, but his special ability is to consume whole any medium or smaller non-human mini, and he can eat up to 2 minis before he gets full and heads back to Minnesota - he can also perform a quick action to sprinkle salt on adjacent minis.  In the action above the mini Andrew Z has just consumed whole the undead Tim Tebow(not pictured as he was removed from play)(this is possible as he is undead and is no longer classed as a human).  (Wow - that sure sounds like celebrity death match).  Mark was pretty unhappy about losing his Tebow in one bite in the game.  ;-)

Below is his ddm card:

Yummy - fried goblins, and roasted dire rabbit

a couple of goofy recent ddm cards we made

made GBM just to play a poisoned GBM

yes a mini can die from a banana

Had some fun with Arcane Legions playing with the kids

made lots of cool formations - it was me with Han vs. K with Egyptians

K may look friendly......

....but she knows how to intimidate and win!!!!

is 1 foo lion enough?


happy face of a winner

the mighty army

the losing army

foo's you lead the way... we'll be right behind you... I promise....

cool green/gold dragon, not so cool blue dragon.... what a diff a nicer paint job/color scheme make

if you don't fight hard enough, a great power will smash you from above....

now barbie is in charge, and you will do as she wills

not so lucky soldiers

foo foo foo foo foo foo foo foo

Baby smash!

baby smash

S looking like she could be in the ghost busters

if you don't fight hard.... I eat you!

a baby with a foo

2 foo

i promise not too attack you any more baby sister(fingers crossed)

lots of foo
You can never have too much foo