Epic match gg - me(ff fw) vs frigid8 (fw/ud)

Shattered Peaks
Apr 27, 2011 1:34:58 AM
1h 15m

game took 1:15 and wasn't decided till almost the end, a classic back and forth match, i contested his font, then he beat me back to my font, then I came back again.... part of the problem was half my bg couldn't hit the stupid remains....

Starting out - didn't realize I shouldn't deploy champs who can't hit relics.  :-(

Uh oh - absorb, makes Serkan less effective, and about to equip a SoD - makes a great combo

Serkan didn't do his best....

Now how the heck do I kill it and not leave a relic?  At one point he had a whole row of stealthed dreameaters.... I need detection and equip removal stat... oh wait, not in the bg..... 

More DE love

Also the guys who were making relics on kills hurt, and no free swarms even when I had my 5 ZOMGBIES out, only one swarm happened and it was towards the end

here's the comeback

that Corpse Golemn wasn't sneaking up on anyone

Coming in for the final kill

And on to the gg

More awesome awards!!..  WooHoo!

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