Finally broke 100 DoW points in a grind it out win vs. KF

Always good to get a big win vs. the hated KF faction, especially when its uber torts with tons of summons... he was dominating the board thanks to a terrible draw on my part... 16 champs and nothing worth playing till the 3rd round, and that off a shrine scry.... oh well, yet another comeback victory for FW... I even made an actual swarm ZOMGBIE this time, usually I get none, and was about to make another when he surrendered.

Just starting out - could really use some viable early champs:

he left perfect spacing for the ZOMGBIES to spread disease

Tort bought to be zom-bi-fied, when he surrendered

 YAVOAERO = yet another victory over an exotic ranked opponent

blew past 100 points, right to 106!

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