Update II on sticky / tacky reaper bones after priming

SO the shellac I ordered from Amazon has fixed the tackiness on all the minis I have used it on, and gives them a great shiny finish - I know a lot of people out there love matte finish, so for those people you may need something else.  But it has rescued a number of minis that would otherwise have been lost forever - i.e. so tacky they were sticking to other minis and losing chunks of paint.


Going forward - I got Army painter primer for my reaper bones - and it worked great - no tackiness at all - so I recommend that.  Also it is on the Dwarven Forge game tiles recommended primer list.


michaeL said...

If it removes the tacky but is shiny and people want matte, all they have to do after the shellac is hit it with a matte coat. Finescale modelers commonly hit their models with a gloss coat prior to matte.

quorthon13 said...

Good point - once I seal stuff I tend to consider it "done" - but that'd be a great way to resolve that for people who want it matte.