fixing the glue gun

So recently I had a really good idea.... it was very badly executed though.

I got a glue gun to fix some stuff and have been using it to make some slime effects on minis, but I wanted it greener so I ordered some green glue sticks.

The glue gun

This would be great, but I could only find the colored glue sticks in the mini size, not the large size like my glue gun.... but I figured no problem, I'll just manually shove them in, and not use the trigger.......

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

So I did that and used up the rest of the white glue, and green started coming out and it looked great, but glue started leaking out the back.

It was fine until this glue started to harden at which point it locked up the glue gun.

A quick google search for fixing stuck glue gun proved that most people who make suggestions for fixing a glue gun don't know what they are talking about.

So luckily the one I got had easy to remove screws, so I took it apart and painstakingly removed the hardened glue.

If glue is stuck this way, you need to pull the glue gun apart and remove all the cooled glue that isn't near enough to the heat element to melt..... The one suggestion I read that might have worked was using a lighter to heat up the glue, but that sounded dangerous and more likely to dmg the glue gun.

So here are the pics of the inside of my glue gun when I was fixing it.....

FYI - don't accidentally touch the metal part while fixing it, if the gun is one.

After all this, gun is back to working great again, but the above process was NOT fun, so I don't recommend causing it to happen.

Glue gun thoroughly locked in the back - not close enough to the heating element to melt

The glue gun
Surebonder HE-750 Professional High Temp 2 Heater Glue Gun

Had to manually scrape out glue and then put all the parts back together..... FYI I am ordering a mini glue gun for next time, big one will be for big jobs.


Anonymous said...

if you have a dollar general or craft store anywhere near you you can get a small glue gun from there. I know mine came from dollar general for $3 and had a few glue sticks in it to boot.

quorthon13 said...

ya, after this ordeal I ordered a mini glue gun off amazon.... but hopefully this post keeps anyone out there from sticking mini glue sticks in a full size glue gun.... I know when I 1st decided to get a glue gun and was looking at various glue guns on amazon, it took awhile to realize there were different size and widths of glue sticks..... and it seemed like a good idea to stick the mini glue stick in there, and then just followup with a full size one to push it thru. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My allary minni will not heat what do I need to do you