Glue gun slimes

The glue gun
Surebonder HE-750 Professional High Temp 2 Heater Glue Gun

When it is first warming up - you can get it to make bubbles, once it is fully warmed up - it won't make bubbles

Have to be patient and stack layer on top of layer to get a rise, I chopped up some minis to make the "victims"

last gasp as an armored fist rises out of the slime

leg armor is all that is left of this hapless adventurer

last gasp as an armored fist rises out of the slime

So then I had the great idea that I wanted the slime greener  - so I got mini green glue sticks(for my full size glue gun).... please read my blog post on why you shouldn't plug the mini glue sticks into a full size glue gun in....fixing a glue gun

The green glue looked great

So this cool rising slime effect was done by first making a glue puddle, then taking a cut piece of glue stick and gluing it to the middle of the puddle, then dripping hot glue over the cut stick, ended up looking great.   I got the cut sticks in this case when I fixed the glue gun, they were cut out of it..... but sometime the best ideas come from random stuff like that... if I hadn't had to do that I wouldn't have had little nubs of glue sticks, that I otherwise couldn't use.

Aquaman being eaten by slime

K wanted green slime over a dice

A nice looking slime puddle finishing up Aquamans leg

Another slime made with a cut piece of glue stick.

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