Star trek heroclix tactics 2 in hand

The one annoying thing about opening a case - 2 bricks of 6 boosters.... one brick 6 commons, the other brick 4 unc and 2 rares.... that seems like not very good distribution, and it would be easy to find which was the good brick after opening 1 booster.

New federation vessel with the old... I only got 2 broken minis in the new set, but they were both  enterprise types(

U.S.S. Intrepid and the enterprise itself)

 - both broken on the right nacell, it was easily glued back on though.

The new enterprise: 

Star Trek HeroClix - Tactics II: #031 U.S.S. Enterprise-D 

Cloaked Defiant and regular

U.S.S. Intrepid and Enterprise

Tal'Kir and the Ni'Var

Vo and Pi

Praetus and  Jazkal

Haakona and Drovana

Kraxon, Krayton, Kornak

B'Moth  - a cloaked Kligon ship mini - what could be cooler!

New Klingon ships - reprints though

Gor Portas

Gor Portas, 5th Wing Patrol Ship 6, 4th Division Cruiser 1

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