Spaceship Battles testing with Ron

Working on a new game - trying to make it faster but still strategic.  Can use ships from any universe including Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Quantum Expanse, Star craft, and a few others 

lots of ships

My squad - Quantum Expanse ships, 2 star trek federation ships, vorlon from  B5, and a starbase from Doctor Who

Homemade space amoeba and lego earth

Borg cube and a x-wing

Doctor Who starbase and Quantum Expanse tiny launched fighters

Ron had the death star replace his 2 huges - it can be devastating

Its better to roll good, then be good at strategy.....   ;-)

A Klingon bird of  prey de-cloaks by a federation vessel

Vorlons arrive to save the day

After killing most of his ships, I stream in to battle the death star

It was a massacre in the middle and I have most of my ships left

Nice shot at a low angle

Nice shot at a low angle

Foamy Coffee break

Can the Federation destroy the death star?

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