BEST....GAME.....EVER!!!! True Story.

This is true the story of what happens when 1 champ, 2 hippos, and a passive pinger get together to live in the mountains..... with SP!

And what happpens when people stop being polite... and start getting real....

Our story begins with our little Elven Ancestor Eketyne, she has few hp and not much attack, but she gets a pretty helm and stealths so none of the big baddies of faction SP can stare at her....

Up pops her friend Mr. Hippo and rider and his vast pile of cheap hps, he stands proudly at the font and only moves to cast a glorious ST "attack on everything"

Eketyne is starting to feel a little stronger and more confident, still she hides at the side font away from prying eyes... she calls her friend hippo on the phone and has a picnic for one, since her sister Daxero hasn't come to join her.

Passive pinger a.k.a. "Mr. Annoying" and Other Mrs. Hippo and rider join the party. She immediately sets to eating frozen water plants and sitting in the very pleasant font zone.

Our friendly trio needs to watch out, thats quite a menacing bunch of SP coming their way

Eketyne has become a strong and confident woman, she stops to kiss a friendly moga along the way.... She contemplates assasinating him, but he looks so cute and seems so sweet, her internal dialogue goes on till well after her turn ends. The moga lives another day.....will she regret her decision?

While on the other part of their mountain retreat, the naughty moga have engaged the sweet hippo family, but luckily a lot of the less friendly moga die, then are stomped by the angry hippos.

Eketyne has grown strng and confident, she knows the time is near to reveal herself, she's confident, but will she have enough power all by herself to take down the shrine? She debates how many more turns to wait. The friendly moga up north have left her alone with no mean g'hern to tell them to "do vogel"(naughty stuff).... They stand in their font playing cards and telling stories about the great one of SP, who's name must never be spoken, except in the forums where he/she dominates more then on the battle field. One of them coughs and the echo sounds funny.... is that something on the wind? Being moga though, they quickly go back to their games.

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