another epic battle vs SP

He was under the mistaken impression FW was overpowered, and was quite chatty, I think half the time was spent chatting, and half playing..... Like I told him, I'd be better off playing FF IS, but I like playing FW, IS is just there for the nora gen(and my neferi killing undead axeman).... But it certainly is not OP, I got destroyed last time I played FF FW with this WB..... course he had "mad skillz".

He let me get most of the fonts, but he had mostly flying guys, which gives my bg trouble, otherwise it would have been a lot quicker - he did manage to kill several LKs though.

ALso managed to successfully use the faultbreaker - he took a lot of hits while the LKs staid in back and pinged. He was somewhat blunted against flyers though.

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