Another epic game

my IS/FW vs. his SP/UD

Started out bad for me, but eventually my valliant band clawed its way back.... He had tons of healing and kept retreating champs, so it was tough to kill them. He kept eviserating his own champs to kill the blight rings and axeman's fates I was putting on him. I didn't cast a spell the whole game!!!! That out to be some kind of award. I love FF FW, but its fun to not be nora starved all the time.

final stats:
fattx Win Yes Sundered Lands 31 Jul 1, 2009 3:01:51 AM 96 minutes

and his stats(wow - the original poxer!):

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fattx said...

was a awesome match till my wi-fi decided to reset itself really blew hated to see it end like that. gg