BEST....GAME.....EVER!!!! Continued

Eketyne decides its time, she's a strong confident female, its time, the base must be in ruins, she cleans up her blanket and picnic crumbs, wipes her mouth, wiggles her hips, raises her staff and uses her 13 AP to saunter to the base. As she takes her first step, it feels as if she is stepping thru a magic screen, her flesh congeals and she is no longer invisible. This no longer bothers her as she rocks the base with her frost attack.
"rushing21" now notices that something is wrong - the hippo picnic and the pinger and the ice blocks were just a ruse to give Eketyne time to grow into her true power.
A g'hern appears.....Quick - everyone back to the base!!!!! The mogas have to end their party or face a severe whipping.

The worthless FS doombringer appears and gives false prophecy, then he chomps a goblin in half to prove hs point. Serkan's laughter can be heard in the background. He goes back to being offered unsuccessfully in trade for other doomies.

Is it gonna be enough???? Can she pull it off by herself.... The formerly friendly moga race up to her and bite her ankles. She shrugs off the annoyance and casts some more snow, the cold makes her feel good. She grows more powerful, the SP shrine transfigures and hits back, she shrugs it off as she did the moga. She pulls out a sandwich left over from her earlier picnic, and has a snack. She shares a bite with one of the moga, he's a good guy when the g'hern aren't around, and she doesn't hate.
"quorthon" lets loose with a mild taunt....


A giant evil skull appears in the sky, and the final Dwarven council meets and all the people who have been voted off the mountain gather together for a final vote. Thanks to her friendship with the hippos, and the alliances she made with the friendlier mogas, she is voted the "ultimate survivor".
"Mr. annoyance" votes for the clay form and the audience boos.

She feels her time here is nearning an end, she starts a monolougue with the camera on what she learned and how she'll be a better person for the cp she gained here, yadda, yadda, yadda.
She misses her sister, and can't wait to get home and spend the million dollars she won by being the "ultimate survivor"

The credits roll:
ST/FS was played by quorthon
SP was played by rushing21
And a special thanks, to our sponsors, Google, Poxnora, and Sony

Victory screen, and rushing21 is a monster good player! Maybe next time...

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