In honor of souldfrost being nerfed - finally tested out the hypercam for recording a pox movie

Lots of people are often asking about taking pox movies, so I thought I'd give an example and how I'm doing it.

So I give you the Angels descent walkthru using soulfrost pre-nerf(it got nerfed a few hours after this run thru.

I am using hypercam Ver. 2.14.04

I have included screen caps of the settings that I changed, although your setting may vary some, depending on your computer and resolution of pox.

First - download and install hypercam
load up hypercam
load up pox
goto hypercam and under screen area click "select window" - then click on your pox window. - now the pox window is selected as the recording area - don't move it or the recording won't catch the whole screen - the recording doesn't follow the window if you move it around. Also - when in the middle of a game you're recording, don't move or minimize the pox window - or it will record whatever is in the screen area where the pox window was.

now goto hot keys - either use the defaults or set your own

now goto avi file - set the loaction the file will be written. Set the "rate in fraes per sec". after testing a bit record:2 playback:10 seems watchable and speeds up the match x5 so watching it is faster then playing it. Sound will only record if these are set the same value.... using these setting with the pox window at 1366 x 768, a game just under 10 minutes, plays back in 1:52 and took up around 100 megs with no sound.
Your other option is to record with higher quality settings and then compress the file using video editing software.

Once you have everything set and pox up on the screen, hit "f2" or whatever hot key you selected and recording will begin. Once ready to end, hit your hot key again.

I didn't mess around with pausing, but you can also use a hot key for that.

The other way to compress the files is to upload them to a site like youtube or photobucket that automatically compresses the vidoes for you. The videos recorded to an .avi file, but when I uploaded them to photobucket, the images were heavily compressed and converted to .flv format.

Onto the sample videos, the quality is much higher in the originals, but even compressed to .flv, they are still watchable. And a moment of silence for soulfrost, we hardly knew ya. - Also - the previous run thru - got an exo frag - this haul wasn't much to look at.






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