finally ended the losing streak with a FW/UD bg - the game is just different playing a 1500 rank person then sub 1000 rank people

got a great draw - went 2nd and got a greater pitspawn - got my font and charged his shrine. folowed up with imp and firemaw - had my very slow dwarf run down to grab the other bottom font. He didn't get such a bad draw - with lonx defender and nora beast. But like I said - different game - he brought out juya and a tiger to attack the pitspawn and put the tiger right by GP.... one rounded the tiger - put a CB on juya - he actually cast rebound to get rid of it though. then brought out a icesnap...GP is now awestruck - but he has retreat so does that and puts the 2nd fire ruby in between us.... this is where the rank starts to show - 2 rounds in a row he hits GP 2 or more times and activates both absorb, and then arrow eater. Like the GP needs more damage. finally he summons a Yeti - but even this doesn't finish off the GP.... So domi had come up - yeti was 1 space away from icesnap - domi him and kill icesnap - then it was gg.

Losing streak had hit 11 games - it was mostly with fun bgs, and about 3 of them I shoulda won, but made mistakes at the end(exampl of how it went - next to opponents shrine which had 5 hp, killed by summon ant - when it could have been avoided)

Also - this is win 100 in DoW.

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