First win against a TOP 200 opponent!!!!!!! - took almost an hour - great game - 11 dow points at the end - post 1

What can I say - one of the toughest matches I ever faced(rank 163 SL/UD vs. my FW/FS), and pulled off(i've had tougher games that I lost). Nearly an hour long:
sciroppo Win Yes Brood Pits 19 Oct 19, 2009 2:11:30 AM 53 minutes

Sciroppo brought it to me early, charging in with cheap SL units.

Managed to survive the onslaught, when he followed up with broodmothers and Klizik + brood + wake the brood - this gave him huge damage - and he kept shattering my CBs.....

Finally stuck a 20 nora stone on his BM, and locked her down with a magnetic arun, and then pinged her down, then he feinted a retreat and pulled her back and cast the hated - draconic benediction!!!

But he had so many units he couldn't move them all in time, also he did this with a spider leaping spell, and a last DB towards the end of the game.....

The problem for him, was all these units were generating massive nora for my UT. I was able to do several things a turn or bring out a big unit.

Then i got my froggy out that killed all his summons, and he didn't have much left on the board. he had a level 30 ava though - which he transfigured and charged with - then more woken spider eggs - the retrib to take out my WW....

This is when he hit me with the DB - I thought it was gg - but he couldn't kill my Hydraxor, which was sitting next to his ava at this point.... finally gg for me when I killed it!!!!

continued below:

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