Wow - the comeback!!!!

he drew first turn doomie, i got the angel(9 speed) - he had the center font before I got my close font. Pops out another doomie and equipped an earthgod sigel on my angel to give her lumbering - i didn't get a screen cap of just how feeble i looked at this point - almost ready to give in, but drew a BE, and proceeded to make - "The Comeback" killed his doomies - took the middle font - pushed in to his font and he quit after getting another cursed blade on his barb - and I finally got the new FW dragon in the field - thats a beast if I ever saw one!

I would say what won it, was he kept hitting the BE....and making little BEs

Still looks bad....

halfway there - just about to mobilize!

The end, and they lived happily ever after....

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