To be the man, you gotta beat the man!

In ranked, fun bg vs. fun bg..... fattx(a.k.a. the man - around 12k pox games) with his demon bunnies, vs my dragons and dinos SL bg(no spells!!!). Man I wish it was this easy to win with FW(course then everyone would play them). Played while going thru pictures, so I wasn't really paying my full attention to the game, started out by deploying Valdac.... he's not too bad. ;-) And then it was gg as they say.....

Continuing a trend of occasionally winning against better players.

Bunnies of doom + a clay form coming:

He clay formed a bunny and my DC:

For some reason he ran his champs away so I could attack his base:

transfigured and getting pounded, he did do a nice combo with Vicious Harpoon, dragging my Sand ele into a rock trap, my champs all bounced around for some dmg, too little too late though.

champ of the game Valdac:

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