FInally making another DDM post for new legendary evils set - looks great in hand, tons of pics

My case came, but not my singles pre-order, so I have a lot of the set here for review and pics.

Ones that were way better then their online pics i'd seen previously indicated:

Frost Giant - looks goofy in the online pic - awesome in hand

Beholder UT - looks great, much beefier and solid then the online pics, stands up straight, no lean(not that the online pics looked bad - its just even better)(will repaint at least 2)

Elder iron dragon - looks pretty good, not goofy at all

Goristro - badazz demon(i thought he looked good in the original pics, just even better in hand)

remorhaz - pretty cool colors work on a bug - would look good in mettalic(repaint?)

psychic sentinal - its red - could proxy for a lot

little bit disappointed in:

salad spawn - not as large of beefy as pics looked online - pre-ordered a lot of these, so not so happy about this

Minotaur thug - meh - its buff though

Githzerai - could use a wash - something just seems off

bolraza - worst goofiest looking mini in the set

(ones not listed looked about as good as their online pics)

And on to all the pics, many angles - tried to get angles not in the online pics i've already seen, last few are other stuff and a few for size comparison:


The last couple uploaded are from the new WOW set, thought they were the 2 best from the latest WOW set, good place to pick them up, they also have a couple of the LE figs auggies is sold out on:


and of course the minis man for all your LE and other needs:

And one cool pic to have in the blog:

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