Gameday 2014-10-05 - Mark's house Spaceship battles

Gameday 2014-10-05 - Mark's house Spaceship battles

Had lots of fun playing and everyone won at least a game of something.... I was shockingly knocked out early in 2 of the games due to bad rolls/luck.... I didn't win until we played Pit at the end.  Ethan and Mark both won games of spaceship battles which is very unusual for Mark.  ;-)

Mark was playing the Nazi flying saucer team - the bad guys, so it was double bad when he won.

Kirkland signature Costco space amoeba heads towards a star destroyer.  I don't know if those multiple ejection ports will be enough.

Organic brain flying saucer looks good like its dripping glossy wet brain fluid, as does the Shinwoo (Shinwoos always look good. ;-)  But it was not a very effective team.  

Shinwoo was swapped for a pink and sefoam colored ship, but still not any more effective.

Nazi flying saucers hold the center

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