Game day:Spaceship battles 2013-05-05

Happy Cinco de Mayo!   

Game day was on May 5th --- 
It was gameday+Cinco de Mayo+Mark's birthday all rolled into 1!

Even bigger news - used the Auggies gaming mat for the 1st time - it is great!

Link to the gaming movies:

Still working on a new game - Spaceship Battles - trying to make it faster but still strategic.  Can use ships from any universe including Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Quantum Expanse, Star craft, Farscape, space amoeba, and a few others.

Ron, Dad, Mark playing  Spaceship Battles

While we were Mark's cousins stopped by... one of them asked why I got all the cool ships -
You can see my fleet here - 1950s style silver painted rockets, also old school ruby and teal flagship, Seahawks colors star trek style ship, tamed space amoeba,  home made battle damaged looking old carrier(which I was told looked like a piece of poo), and the tiny black squadron.  I'm sure he was referring to the  Quantum Expanse ships.  ;-)

The center - alien artifacts, earth, space amoeba, the sun and other debris

Farscape's moya joins the fray - 200+ hp flagship

Oops I sharnk my flagship.... to avoid being destroyed

tamed spae amoeba goes thru Dad's wormhole to wreak havoc

Dad brings out three eyes his flagship to fight back - launches fighters

scrum in the middle near earth

borg cube vs. gnarled carrier

borg cube engages my flagship

My flagship hides in the corner - it survived dropping off the board onto the floor - but was disconnected from the base - good thing I brought super glue and reonnected

1950s style silver rocket to the rescue

Ready to roll!

Nice low angle shot - Kyton's shuttle is seen in the distance

full on battle by my wormhole

my tamed space amoeba takes a bite out of the borg cube that was trying to assimilate him

oh that Jom Tones!

smush - the poo ship wedged between the ferengi and the borg

borg cube chases my flagship in the corner again

Federation ship is sleepy and loses turn

Summoned Luke in his x-wing to try and come back

finally got to the point I needed to roll a 20 with my tamed space amoeba against Moya to take out Ron and  take his cards, or Mark would kill me on the next turn(I didn't roll a 20, and Mark did take me out)

Mark is not happy Moya took out his borg cube flagship..... teh end, queue credits, good guys win! Borg lose.....


Anonymous said...

What sort of rules did you use for this game?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Game day:Spaceship battles 2013-05-05":

What sort of rules did you use for this game?

quorthon13 said...

It started out as DDM many years ago, we added a bunch of house rules, and started using cards that had powers, abilities, summoning, and other happenings. At one point we switched from squares to hexes and then from fantasy minis to space ships. It uses d20 for attack, and attack bonus + roll have to equal def.

At this point its a completely separate game, but if you played ddm before you could pick it up quick.