Another Successful Gameday 2011-11-03

pics below:

Goblin mounted on a giant Pacman frog mount - don't get eaten whole.  

Ethan vs. the Quesedilla...Ron's peaking at his cards.  S looks on.

Behold my mighty warband....

Hugh Jackman a.k.a. wolverine I bring the voodoo.... no hard to kill is saving you this time....

Couldn't find dad's hero - so a heroscape female gunner had to fill in

party in the middle and I wasn't invited

Goblin mounted on a giant Pacman frog mount  and Goblin mounted on teleporting magic mushrooms... it was pretty anticlimactic as the mounts both died quick in the middle

Can you find all the DCMs in the picture?

without flash

Big smooth voodoo is oozing into the middle

Another DCM sneaks into the fray

Ron just before him big final victory (I got pulled and magic dmg'd to death)

I choose you - tentacle

K built a castle for game day

hero dead... not looking good for me....

Aha!  large grey turtle ghost to the rescue and him with no magic dmg... I shall hold the middle foreverererer.... Muhahahahahaha!!!!!

And I shall feed them Poisoned Giant fiendish dire turkey!

Hmmm that didn't work out so good... he's coming in for the final kill after getting a magic dmg card and one shotting my ghost.  :-( good game, to the death.........

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