Gameday with dad, R, and K, and other K

Another great game day with going out for Mexican for lunch and what ended up being 1 long epic saga of a game which finally ended with me and K settling on a tie as we were the only 2 plyers remaining and it was time people had to get going.... but ended up being quite an evenly matched battle.

Setting up for slaughter

K advising K on strategy

victory hexes were raised this time, didn't really like it that much though with larger minis sitting at an angle

Dad ready to attack

The DCM merchant sets up shop in the middle of the battle field

The ginger hostess and the DCM seductress discuss the finer points of backstabbing

Dr Sheldon Cooper zombie hunter finds an unlikely ally in a rancor

Dr Sheldon Cooper zombie hunter makes the sun go away

the DCM scamp tries to flee

minwax golem sprays goo

DCM seductress and zombie version

DCM scamp and zombie version

My cat riding a giant blue bird, Wolverine riding a red Salamander, and  Kilroy riding a dragon

Giant fiendish dire chicken - Its whats for dinner

Dr. Sheldon Cooper - zombie hunter is trapped against the edge of the map by a pack of minotaurs

The DCM coffin springs into action

zombiefied reaper bones great worm

DCM townsfolks and zombie versions

melee in the middle... will someone end up in a coffin?

I make my move and grab a middle hex - rolling a 1 against Kilroy costs  me my hero

Slimer can only be hit by magic dmg and this makes him hard to kill - great for holding the middle.

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