Ron's birthday - finally got around to posting pics

Bring it on!
Charge Foo lions!
Got some good cards that helped out
Beware the NPC tentacles!
The birthday boy contemplating his cards
Frost giant says, "Sword hand, I pick you!"
ROlled a mighty 20, but it was just for initiative that round
Ron did just a bit o' texting during the epics battles
K and M took a quit piano break
back to the minis
WOW! as S would say a pic of me
Undead Tim Tebow is gored by an aggressive unicorn
and then worn like a hood ornament by said unicorn
The baby card
the birthday cupcake, with gnome candle
K is unhappy as she was too naughty and lost her cupcake
Still unhappy
Mark talking about the game.... he really loves to win
Ron giving me a look that says he doesn't want a closeup
We all move in for an epic battle
Mark needed to roll a 5.... he rolled a 2, then a 3 when he used his special Mark reroll
Matt Foley motivational speaker is good, but too slow....
Pig pile on the Ettin
Mounts kept my hero alive the last game... and he is actually riding that reindeer, not being gored by it....
not much left, by tiny timmy tebow is hard to kill and refuses to go down...
Uh oh - baby here to smash minis!
baby see chests!
Ron finally surrenders
baby sits
Now its time for Small World!
The others may try, but no one can beat me!
We killed off a lot of fairy creatures in this match
Victory is mine, I had many coins at the end
Not impressed by the cupcakes... we shoulda just got Costco cupcakes....
K did some art work while we were playing, and Mark put it up.

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