Played D&D with K

K setup the board, and yes, she didn't want to punch out the map pieces, she decided they were pre-made rooms

She setup the yeti's in the hot lava... not sure why, but even when I told her it was hot lava, they still stayed there.  ;-)

her PC this time was heroclix Wonder Girl, and she had a pet blue dragon

For some reason she kept insulting the jams and jellies and got acid sprayed on her leg......  they main goal of the dungeon was to collect magic pebbles from the inhabitants and they trade them for a surprise at the end(which she ended up really loving)

She meets 2 baby demons and a clock

Talking to the great mermaid sculpts she made

Meeting a family of zombies and zombie parts....

For some reason she found a giant banana on the table, but it was actually undead Tim Tebow in disguise, and he was revealed when she tried to pick it up.  He was actually the most vicious thing in the dungeon and immediately attacked her, but luckily the blue dragon destroyed UTT.....

The real tiny Timmy Tebow was happy to be freed from the evil UTT, the ghost king and the gold golem queen rewarded her with more magic pebbles.

The unicorn took the gathered pebbles and showed her where to stand for the final surprise

The mage who cast the final spell once she was on the magic circle.....

......And magic butterflies appeared!  I had kept these hidden and  K had a huge grin on her face when I revealed them and started spreading them around the room

A happy ending.... but what did the unicorn want with the magic pebbles..... maybe we'll find out next time..............

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