Mushrooms, mushroom mimic, and smurf house(the one with a face) - the minis anyone can make and paint

Or minis for the rest of us with little artistic skillz...........

These were made/painted by myself and my 6yo daughter.

To scuplt a mushroom - put a tube shaped base down, then put a rounded top(or other shape) on top - bake or let dry, depending on the clay type. then paint... mushrooms can be just about any color.  they cna be more elaborate, but it is not really needed at this scale - the smaller bases are tiny sized.

look closely, one of them is not an ordinary mushroom and could cause "problems" for the  party

a more "trippy" fungi

trying different color schemes - the middle one didn't look so appropriate with the 1st color scheme  I tried.  ;-)

A smurf house

group shot, the one in the back had an orgre carve his name in it.....  just like you can do in the woods on a fungus.. didn't turn out as nice as I would have liked, but thought it seemed like a good idea.

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