Made some more Pardo minis with my daughter

that little old lady doesn't sem happy with her company

The face on the pumpkin is one of the most evil things I have ever created....

Mario mushroom

trying to make a "poisoned" ginger bread man (GBM) for my game - the little guy already had his limbs bit off

GBM without flash

sad orange dude next too a lizrd, the loose brain doesn't know what to think

happier jack-o-lantern, and many mushrooms

mushroom, mushroom, pudding, baby....

a whole squad of babies

miniature babies don't cry unless you add sound effects..... we had sound effects provided by my 1 year old when we played today.  ;-)

a giant shadow is coming for the babies

pudding, dancing baby(disco), weird purple octopus

a face only a mother could love

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actually looks better from behind

he went thataway...

the colors that brought out the evil face

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