My Lords of madness case came yesterday!

My Lords of madness case came yesterday! Finally got a chance to go thru them and take pictures.

Couldn't have been a better case - 3 VRs, none of which I'd ordered as singles - c'tallum(much better looking then expected), Mephistopheles(really nice - as expected), and huge blue dragon(really nice - as expected).

9 rares most of which I hadn't ordered. Most of the ones I hadn't gotten in my amazon boosters looked great.

Better then expected:
c'tallum - not so shiny and actually washed - pose looks better in person
Zhentarim Cavalry - was really looking forward to this piece - and even better then expected - looks better then the pic in the gallery - one of the best mounted minis I've seen.
Zhentarim Soldier - nice shield
Water Archon Shoal Reaver - actually a pretty cool mini
Trapped Chest - looks great - wish it'd been a common
Rot Grub Swarm - looks like real grubs... what more can you say
Kenku Wing Mage - actually a cool looking mini
Iron Golem Juggernaut - other then the goofy small head - great looking
Efreet Flameblade - makes a great devil/demon soldier
Astral Giant - nice shield
Brain in a jar - looks great

Worse then expected:
Neogi Slaver - very small and unimpressive
Rot Harbinger - meh, kinda brownish

And what you've all been waiting for - a link to all pics from the new minis

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