Finally got my new Orcus "mini" - an epic quest!

After 3 tries, finally had a successful order....

ordered when 1st announced a couple of years ago - cancelled and assumed production was cancelled.... but wait

announced awhile back that it was going to be released - so started saving my free amazon gift cards

saw the preorder up on amazon again, but no quantity to order

passed on the auggies preoreder since I had the amazon gift cards and amazon had the preorder up

preorder date on amazon caame and went

finally they took the page down --- oh noes!

ordered from another company that had a listing on amazon..... They cancelled their order cause "it was autolisted at too low a price(full retail) and they wanted to relist at a higher price" ---- "Amazon seller: Art's Game Store" ---- don't waste your time ordering from them

none were available to order.... so ... oh noes!

Next day saw one listed by "Amazon seller: gamers_inn" they shipped and it arrived today!

Finally got it!

here are some pics - i tried out the new video camera that also has a snapshot function - not as good as my regular video camera - about cell phone quality. ;-)

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