How they take those really awesome pictures online - quantam king kondo in progress

Happy new Year!

Wanted to get a "quantam king kondo" - but the price online is ridiculous - so I bought a regular clear one to create my own. Also noticed on the real one - it looks like his chains are painted gold - I decided to go with clear gold rather then the thick gold of the real one. The chains were completed - this uses a gold colored indian ink pen. I will let that dry and then add the purple highlights next time I paint. But while my daughter and I were photographing him afterwards - the pictures turned out pretty awesome.

Pictures are first with normal light, then red led, and then white led. The red led ones turned out great - and look as good as any clear mini pictures I've seen on the web- and this is just with a standard led flashlight and nikon coolpix l20 camera in macro mode.

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