Just played against a KF player, and the way the new KF runes combine - he ended up with a crapload of hp on crap summons and treefolk..... Why couldn't FW get some OP stuff too, most of the new FW stuff is shoebox or at best very specialized. He practically had the game wrapped up by about the 4th turn, when he dropped a stealthed trap in my font, meant all my lumbering champs had a long way to walk.... domi saved the day again, when I had his weasal do a cliff dive, it made the comeback possible, as they lost a lot of hp, and it seemed like I was killing stuff just to get hp off other stuff, a couple things died on the other side of the map when I killed his wb and that sort of thing..... finally had the comeback nearly complete when he got tired and retired. Was about to sac dagger his spider for a full heal on my draco.....when it was gg.....

I hate to lose to KF, it made me stick around

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