Why FW is the comeback faction

playing a tough KF/SL split - was fighting in the middle font, but just not getting the runes I needed, when they used a DB to kill everything.... Including my SOD with SOD.... the attacks just kept coming and coming....

I had my font, my ava, 1 skull of decay, and no nora.... didn't get a screenie here though... damn, it woulda been pretty - got one where i have 2 guys vs. a big mass of SL though.

Almost surrendered, but thought, what the heck... its time for a comeback.

fought back with BZ, ravenwraith, and transfigured my shrine - level 12(leveled to 13 after match) - is a beast already. The stars aligned, and killing akakios was the final nail - RW healed for 59! She got a name after wards - 'mort akakios'.

Not much to work with(the executioner is just about to die):

Comeback! Comeback! Comeback!

Raven Wraith comes thru... big heal

Here comes the reaper birdie!

Very friendly, nice player, and a good sport.... Had a bit of chatting in there, Would play again.

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